Oh Deer

First of all I have to mention, I don’t like killed animals! I am a strikt vegetarian and I would love to see more respect against every kind of animal….

Today in the afternoon I went to our cabin called Malins with my grandfather! His passion is wildlife animals and I came across this jewel of a deer skull. I pictured it and made some art out of it! I hope you like it!

deer skull


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I was born in Flims, 1988. Since I am five years old I snowboard as much as I can. During the season I compete at many different contests all over the world or go out in the backcountry with a photographer or a film maker! For some more introducing please check the following links: My clip from Laax http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OorA7xJGAvI A big thanks for living my dream goes out to: - LAAX my home resort: laax.com - neff: http://www.neffheadwear.com - giro: http://www.giro.com/eu_en/sport/snowboard/ - head: http://www.ridehead.com/snowboard/team/?region=ww&id=178 - Swiss Sport Hilfe: http://www.sporthilfe.ch/de/index.cfm Some results from the past few years: Season 2012/13 - 2nd World Championship in Canada - 2nd World Cup in Czech Republic - 5th at the X Games in Aspen Season 2011/12 - 2nd O'Neill Evolution Davos, Slopestyle - 2nd Burton Canadian Open, Slopestyle - 4th Roxy Snow Pro, Slopestyle - 4th US Open, Slopestyle - 3th TTR Endranking, Slopestyle - 4th TTR Overall Ranking Saison 2010/11 - 2th Burton European Open, Slopestyle - 4th O'Neill Evolution Davos, Slopestyle - 5th X Games Aspen, Slopestyle Saison 2009/10 - 1. US Open Stratton, Slopestyle - 2th Burton European Open, Slopestyle - 3th X Games Europe, Slopestyle - 1. FIS World Cup Calgary, Slopestyle - 2th TTR Overall ranking - 2th Burton Open Series As well i work a lot with those three photographer: Ueli Christoffel: http://www.uelichristoffel.com/daten/START_02.html Gaudenz Danuser: http://gaudenzdanuser.com/ Philipp Ruggli: http://www.philippruggli.ch/start.html

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One comment on “Oh Deer
  1. Eduardo Baptista de Souza says:

    Violence between humans and animals is equal to or greater than the violence between humans and humans …
    Eduardo – Brazil

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