Some times you really have to take a time off and pack your stuff and take off to a other wonderful country. This year I decided to travel to Brazil. My little cousin Michael Krähenbühl is half Swiss half Brazilian, since years I promised him to visit this country once with him. After my injury this winter I was stocked in the gym in Switzerland during the spring time. It was time to get away from a gym and get some new inputs! My decision was amazing, since two weeks I’m now in Brazil and I am enjoying a wonderful travel time! I saw many wonderful and very different landscapes and met amazing people!

My journey took me to the national park Chapada Diamantina, Salvador, Itacare and next week I’ll enjoy some days in Rio de Janeiro. In two weeks I’ll be back in Switzerland and hopefully I can show you some more amazing shots, but first off all I hope you enjoy this photos from Chapada and Itacare!









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I was born in Flims, 1988. Since I am five years old I snowboard as much as I can. During the season I compete at many different contests all over the world or go out in the backcountry with a photographer or a film maker! For some more introducing please check the following links: My clip from Laax A big thanks for living my dream goes out to: - LAAX my home resort: - neff: - giro: - head: - Swiss Sport Hilfe: Some results from the past few years: Season 2012/13 - 2nd World Championship in Canada - 2nd World Cup in Czech Republic - 5th at the X Games in Aspen Season 2011/12 - 2nd O'Neill Evolution Davos, Slopestyle - 2nd Burton Canadian Open, Slopestyle - 4th Roxy Snow Pro, Slopestyle - 4th US Open, Slopestyle - 3th TTR Endranking, Slopestyle - 4th TTR Overall Ranking Saison 2010/11 - 2th Burton European Open, Slopestyle - 4th O'Neill Evolution Davos, Slopestyle - 5th X Games Aspen, Slopestyle Saison 2009/10 - 1. US Open Stratton, Slopestyle - 2th Burton European Open, Slopestyle - 3th X Games Europe, Slopestyle - 1. FIS World Cup Calgary, Slopestyle - 2th TTR Overall ranking - 2th Burton Open Series As well i work a lot with those three photographer: Ueli Christoffel: Gaudenz Danuser: Philipp Ruggli:

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One comment on “Brazil
  1. Eduardo Baptista de Souza says:

    Hey Sina, okay?
    Have returned from Brazil?
    I saw some pictures that you posted and found really cool. I believe you enjoyed your trip too. Send news. Great weekend.

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