Last weekend was the event in Zurich. It is one of the biggest European freestyle events. There are four different disciplines, big air for freeskiers and snowboarders, fmx on the dirt jump and on the mini mega ramp the bmx and skateboarders. It was the first mini mega ramp competition hold in Europe. It was an amazing ramp. I hope I will see the mega ramp once it should be colossal big!


The girls aren’t allowed to compete. So I was there as a guest and groupie J! On the areal are many different things to do and visit. Some brands shows there new products and on other stands you can win some gear/drinks and other stuff. It is definitely an event to meet and great. For me it is always a nice event. I like it to watch my friends competing; it is nice to be once not the competitor. So I can relax and drink a beer while the others are competing! But on the other side I wish every year that I get an invitational for the next event. We will see and hope!

First Time In Europe


definitely one of the hardest jobs at


Joiz TV

This week was crazy! First of all I started my new school on Monday. It is nice to be back on school, meeting new people and doing something for your brain! On the other side it is super hard to find the right class rooms at the first week.  After one and a have day in school I all ready had to skive off! I got an invitational from the Joiz TV. On Tuesday i travelled from Chur to Zurich to visit the Joiz studio in Oerlikon. I was in a live show with a good friend of mine, Elias Ambühl and an other young skier called Kai Mahler both are Swiss as well! We were invited to discuss about the biggest european freestyle event FREESTYLE.CH in Zurich! Elias and Kai are competing this weekend at the event! Sadly there are now girls in the program! I would love to be a part of it once, hopefully next year! For this year I’m only a guest, the good side of being not a competitor is, that I can party as long as I want and every day!

This is the link from the show: