5 More Minutes Premiere in Innsbruck

This Friday was the official word premiere from our film, called 5 more minutes please! The premiere was at the weekender club. I never have been there before, but i really liked it! It is not super big but the dance floor is big enough :)!

It was super cool to meet all the riders. Some of them i never met before!

At 12 p.m the film started and the club was full! I couldn’t imagine! It was super cool! The film is incredible! You have to see it! It shows our pleasure, which we have during snowboarding!

Ueli Christoffel

I would like to introduce one of my best friends. His name is Ueli Christoffel and he lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

I met him a long time ago in Flims on the mountain. We had a coffee in the No Name restaurant on the Crap Sogn Gion. After he introduced himself, he asked me to come shredding with him! Sure I went.

After this day we are good friends and as often as we can we go out into the backcountry and take pictures!

check out his page: http://www.uelichristoffel.com

First Snow in Town 09.10.2011(more pictures are coming)

I got a message on the 8.th October from a friend of mine. While I was sitting in the train to go back home from Zurich, she texted me: Hi, where are you? Come up to Flims! We meet us tomorrow at 9 am to shape the first corner in town. We got enough snow to shape something. I ‘d like to make some pictures…

Super stoked to hear this pleasant news. I got up at 8 am on Sunday to be ready for some shaping and hopefully some snowboarding.


We were a bunch of motivated snowboarders. That’s why I love to life in Flims, if it snows everybody is super motivated to go out and shape something. In the end we where a group of more then 10 people! The snow was pretty sticky in the beginning, but after some tracks we got enough speed to get some airtimes. In the end we decided to do an evening/night session. A good friend of mine, Philipp Ruggli joined us with his camera. In the end we had a great session and some nice picks. Winter has started!

It is totally worth to get up early on Sunday!