ZRH-FRA-DEN here I am! After a long travelling day and with an 10 hours flight without a private screen, we made it to Frisco with a huge jet leg! Its definitely not super cool to be crazy tired in the evening and waking up at 4.30 in the night, but that’s how it is!

I will be here for 3 weeks with the Swiss national team. We rented a very nice apartment in Frisco.

The last two days I was shredding in Keystone. Up there is a very nice park. They have a kicker line with three jumps and tons of different rails and jib obstacles! It is the perfect park to get the feeling back!

It is also amazing to see all the riders again from all over the world! Yesterday I met Margot on the hill. I was super surprised! Now I am stoked to ride with her!

Tomorrow we will go up again and on Thursdaywe make a brake, because of the bed weather, which should come in! I am all ready looking forward to go to Denver for some nice shopping, I can’t wait!


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