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You will find some nice stories about the life of a snowboard pro and some other nice news about fashion, living and art!

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Colorado Second Week

We are here in Frisco-CO since a week. The weather was super nice and we had some really nice days in keystone. The park has some really nice varied futures. Mostly we ride this line: three kickers in a row, two-three rails or boxes, two little kickers and an other down-flat rail. It makes so much fun riding this park. In one run you can easy hit eight obstacles.

In the upcoming days is the big kicker line going to be open. I am really exited to see how big they are going to be this year. I hope they can open it soon. Because they don’t have a lot of snow here, but they are lucky and can make snow the hole day and night. A snowmaker told me on the chairlift, it is no problem to make snow if it is enough cold. we have enough water in the lake, which we are allowed to use.

Today I made a little break and worked on some school stuff. In the afternoon we made a short trip to the lake and made some pictures. It was a super nice location but it was freaking cold so we had to leave soon and get back in our warm house.