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Pro Chat: Sina Canadrian
Jan 13,2012 @ 12:04 pm
We caught up with the Swiss slopestyler following her rad podium spot at last weekend’s 6 star TTR O’Neill Evolution in Davos

Interview by Sam Haddad

Hey Sina. Congrats on your second place at the O’Neill Evolution last weekend, how was the contest for you?
Thanks a lot! The contest was super fun. The competition in Davos is only an hour’s drive a way from my hometown. When I was younger I rode a lot in Davos, so I really like it there and it’s nice to get supported from Swiss people during the event. I enjoyed the three training days and had a lot of fun just riding the kicker with out any pressure. The weather wasn’t that good but I was super stoked to get so much snow during the week and in the end every rider had the same conditions.
My semi final run went super well and I was super stoked to win it. In the final I landed my run again and was super happy, but Spencer just rode better than I! It was a super nice battle and I enjoyed it!

We hear you were unlucky on your final run, talk us through that?
No, I wasn’t unlucky! I landed my run and I got 87.3 points, just a little bit less than in the semi finals. Spencer O’Brien just stepped it up with a super nice seven and a hard rail trick. In the final run I tried to do a seven and a harder rail trick but came short on the kicker, because it started to snow again and the snow got slower! I didn’t get hurt!

Is it tough to knuckle down for a contest when the powder is so good?
We had a lot of practice days and a lot of time before the practice started to do some powder laps in Davos. For me it was super fun to ride the kicker and the nice rail set up, I enjoyed every run! And right now we have the best conditions to ride powder, why would I want more?

Who else impressed you with their riding at the event?
As I mentioned before, Spencer just killed it! She rode super cool; clean fs 7 and a hard rail trick! As well I was super stoked seeing my Swiss friend Isabel Derung stomping the bs rodeo! The level of the whole contest was super cool and a lot of different tricks were shown.

Why was it called a big air contest when it also had a slopestyle obstacle in it? We’re confused!
It’s called a big air contest because it’s only one jump. In the end you just have a rail set up! The jump counts for 70% and the rail set up 30%! This is the same format as the guys have it at the Air & Style, or something like that!

Credit: Moran/Burton

What have been the highlights of your season so far?
Highlights from this season? Hmm, the season just started. I had a really nice trip to Colorado last November/December. I was there with the Swiss team. When we arrived, the park at Keystone was already massive; tons of different rails and a medium kicker line. After 10 days riding, they shaped the big kicker line. The kickers were super smooth and perfect to get ready for the season.
At Christmas time I shredded a lot back home in Laax! We already had a lot of snow! I just went out with my friends and had a lot of fun!

And what contests are you looking forward to next?
In 10 days I will go to the X Games in Aspen. Right now I’m only on the waiting list but I hope I can ride the contest. If not it will be a perfect training for the World Championships in Oslo. After the X Games I’ll go to the Canadian Open in Calgary.

Credit: Floros/Burton

Do you have any plans to film this year and if so what and with who?
Yes I do. I’m filming with Lipstick productions for the second year. You can watch the first movie 5 more minutes…please?! here.

Which girls’ movie parts have impressed you the most this year?
It is hard to say but I liked the impressive riding from Jenny Jones and the shots from Cheryl Maas. It’s super hard to pick a name, because there are many good girls out there killing it!

Who are your heroes?
I would say I look up to many different people! On the snowboarding side I looking up to Marco Widmer, a friend of mine from back home. He is one of the best backcountry riders and knows tons of spots! His riding is smooth and stylish! A drop is never to big for him and he loves the air time! I learned a lot from him! Sometimes I would love to be as heavy as he is!

You grew up near Laax, how was that and is it still your favourite place to shred?
I grew up in Flims, that’s the village next to Laax. Growing up in Laax was perfect for me. I could spend a lot of hours on the snow every week. I got in touch with people, which helped me a lot to get better in the sport. I love to ride back home, I ride here with the closest friends and I know exactly were the best powder runs are!

You’ve bagged a place at the World Snowboard Championships, why is that contest so important to the sport?
It is nice to have a World Championships, every sport has one and a lot of people watch the World Championships on TV, even if they’re not super interested in the sport. To make snowboarding more famous we have to do these kind of events. All of the riders should show up there and give their best!
I hope the slopestyle is going to be nice and push a high level of snowboarding!

What is your biggest goal in snowboarding?
My biggest goal is to ride every day with a smile! It’s not about a trick it’s not about a powder line it’s about the happy feeling!

Are there any other burning issues you’d like to raise?
Respect nature!

Thanks a lot Sina, and good luck!
Thanks a lot for the interview I hope it was interesting reading it! Keep on riding!

Sina is sponsored by Burton, Anon, Chopp

Davos O Neill Evolution 2012

I do not really know what I should write about the week in Davos at the O Neill Evolution. The first training day on Monday was super nice to check out the set up- two different kickers a smaller and a bigger one and on the bottom three different obstacles. We had three training days, which were pretty nice. On Thursday it started to snow again and haven’t stopped yet.

On Saturday our training started with a little delayed but as soon as it started every one showed their best tricks. The snow was really slow and it kept snowing so we had to take the smaller kicker. It was nice to ride it and we got enough airtime to show some stylish and technical tricks. I was super stoked about my run in the semi finals and got a lot of points for my fs 7 and backside boardslide over the wall. I qualified first. In the finals every rider had three runs. Spancer O’Brien showed a really nice fs 7 hardway and a perfect rail trick on the flat down flat rail- enough to win this competition! I could land my run clean and perfect and got 87 points from the judges- second place for me! All over it was a super nice session and every rider showed a good performance! With a big smile I went back home to Flims! Now I am ready to ride some powder!


Last but not Least: Hole Switzerland is covered with snow! In Flims the roofs have more then one meter fresh snow on the top! It is amazing I can’t even remember when I saw so much snow in the village.





And yes we celebrated! Thanks a lot again to Silke for the Champagne!

Snowboard Ringe

Mit dem flippigen Snowboard(r)ing richtig abheben!


Absolut einzigartig und abgefahren! Mit dem neuen Snowboard(r)ing setzen die Psychiatrischen Dienste Graubünden (PDGR) mit ihren ARBES (Arbeits- und Beschäftigungsstätten) eine ausgefallene Idee um: Gebrauchte Snowboards werden in stylische Fingerringe verwandelt. Sina Candrian und Nicolas Müller, zwei Schweizer Snowboardprofis unterstützen die Idee und sind bereits begeisterte Träger ihres persönlichen Snowboard(r)ing.


Für die Boarderszene gehören Design und Aussehen wie das schöne Wetter zum tollen Boarden dazu. Mit dem Snowboard(r)ing liefert die ARBES das nötige Accessoire für jeden Snowboarder. Auffallen unter seinesgleichen ist garantiert. Wer trägt schon ein Teil seines Lieblingssportgerät am Finger?


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Sina Candrian – Big Air Weltmeisterin ist begeistert

Die Big Air Junioren-Weltmeisterin von 2007, Sina Candrian aus Flims trägt bereits ihr ehemaliges Burton-Weltmeisterbrett am Ringfinger. „Ich freue mich riesig, dass meine liebsten Begleiter nach ihrem Ableben auf dem Schnee in den ARBES einen neuen Verwendungszweck erhalten. Ab sofort können meine Fans einen Teil meiner Wettkampfgeräte als farbige und einzigartige Schmuckstücke tragen.“


„One love, my board and I forever unite“ Nicolas Müller, Snowboardprofi

Nicolas Müller, Ryder of the year in verschiedenen Snowboardmagazinen Weltweit ist begeisterter Snowboardring-Träger der ersten Stunde. Mit dem Ring ging für Müller ein langgehegter Wunsch in Erfüllung. Eins zu werden mit seinem Board. „Es ist offiziell und die Hochzeit kann beginnen! Mein Snowboard und ich sind untrennbar dank dem Snowboard(r)ing“ so Nicolas Müller bei der Übergabe des ersten Snowboard(r)ing aus seinem Lieblingsbrett.


Die Ring-Idee ist in der Umsetzung geschützt. Der Vertrieb erfolgt über das ARBES Lädeli vu da PDGR an der Loëstrasse 220 in Chur, über exklusive Fachhändler in den Regionen sowie über den ARBES Online-Webshop unter Ein Snowboard(r)ing kostet CHF 10.00.



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