Davos O Neill Evolution 2012

I do not really know what I should write about the week in Davos at the O Neill Evolution. The first training day on Monday was super nice to check out the set up- two different kickers a smaller and a bigger one and on the bottom three different obstacles. We had three training days, which were pretty nice. On Thursday it started to snow again and haven’t stopped yet.

On Saturday our training started with a little delayed but as soon as it started every one showed their best tricks. The snow was really slow and it kept snowing so we had to take the smaller kicker. It was nice to ride it and we got enough airtime to show some stylish and technical tricks. I was super stoked about my run in the semi finals and got a lot of points for my fs 7 and backside boardslide over the wall. I qualified first. In the finals every rider had three runs. Spancer O’Brien showed a really nice fs 7 hardway and a perfect rail trick on the flat down flat rail- enough to win this competition! I could land my run clean and perfect and got 87 points from the judges- second place for me! All over it was a super nice session and every rider showed a good performance! With a big smile I went back home to Flims! Now I am ready to ride some powder!


Last but not Least: Hole Switzerland is covered with snow! In Flims the roofs have more then one meter fresh snow on the top! It is amazing I can’t even remember when I saw so much snow in the village.





And yes we celebrated! Thanks a lot again to Silke for the Champagne!


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