At the 10th of July 2012 i was in a training camp with the swiss snowboard team in magglingen. during a little break i checked my mail: i got an interesting e-mail from Julie of the event organisation. the titel was: Personal Invitation ** Zürich 2012! first i thought they want to invite me as a special guest or something like that, as they did it the years before. i opened some other mails and read and deleted them- just rubbish! i scrolled back to the mail and started to read it…., which attracted 32,000 to Zurich’s Landiwiese Park last year, is already eager to divulge what it has cooked up for this year. Getting it just right for audiences requires thorough thinking, but preparations are already in full gear for Europe’s largest freestyle sport’s event to be held on September 22/23 at Zurich’s Landiwiese Park….

all this informations i already knew! but then the following sentences made my heart pounding…

We’ve been fighting for a long time and are now very happy to invite you as one of first two female athletes to be part of’s CROSSOVER SESSION (Snowboarder vs. Freeskier vs. FMXer vs. Mountainbiker).

It was unreal for me, many many years i went to zurich as a visitor and this year i will be a real part of the whole contest and ride at the cross over session! I was really happy and super stoked! As i know it is not an easy ramp to ride! But therefore i have six more weeks to train and i swear i will train hard! I can’t wait for the event!

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