yes, finally some warm weather- bikini, flipflops and sunnglasses! no one would belief if i would tell them that i love summer, but i really do! there are many outdoor sports i am hyped to do. i couldn’t wait to get back on the court for some tennis sessions, back on my bike and shred trough the forest, go swimming in the beautiful lake in flims….


this summer i get the change to go to hossegor with the swiss team. we had some nice surf and tennis sessions and as well we did some fitness. it was wonderful to be back at the ocean to smell the salty air, to listen to the waves….

not two weeks back from the first  hossegor trip i decided to go back to france to lit et mix with two friends of mine. we took our tent, wet suit, bikini, sun glasses, sun cream…. at the camping lit et mix we met some friends from back home and we could share the camping space with them. our tent wasen’t even built up, we run into the next two friends from switzerland! unbelievable???! every where you go you will find this swiss peeps :)!


first day at the beach: we went to a surf rental to get some boards but they wanted to let us pay 17 euros for day. we thought it is a little bit expensive. we react and took the car and drove back to the hossegor outlets. my friend and i returned back to the camping with two new surfboards. from that time on we had our own boards, no one could stop us go surfing every day!


after 4 nights sleeping in the tent we moved to an apartment more up north to hourtin. our two friends which only came for this week, were all ready at  the apartment waiting and they couldn’t wait to enjoy the waves and some good summer days! during this 10 days we had wonderful weather, i could get tanned every day, could go surfing every day twice… summarized we had magnificence vacations! from a little group of three people we grow to a funny group of 7 people!


that’s how my summer is! i all ready know what i will do next summer- booking a larger house in france and go surfing with even more friends :)! right?

Imageps: i wanted to take some wine home to taste it with friends. back home my mum teached me that the bordeaux wines have to be store for some more years until they are in a good age! now i need to wait a little bit and see how the wine will be in 3 or even more years! yes i am a wine tourist!


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