Walking trough the countryside of Flims and Laax

Fall is one of the greatest seasons in Flims cause of the wonderfully coloured countryside. On Saturday the sun was shining and the temperature was warm enough to go up the mountain for a hike. My mother, grandmother and my aunt joined me on that journey. We hiked about an hour and made many breaks to take pictures of the nice river and the wonderful surroundings. Where ever you live, it is worthwhile planing a visit in Flims and Laax during fall! The hike we made is called “Trutg dil Flem”. The name is written in Romansh, an old Latin language, which is spoken by the people here in Flims, Laax and Falera. I hope you enjoy the wonderful pictures!

Tahoe Session with Jamie Anderson


Is there anything better than a having a bunch of your friends come to your home mountain to shred while there’s perfect spring weather? Well what about if they’re all babes who also happen to be some of the best women pro snowboarders in the world? Well that’s exactly what happened this year when Jamie Anderson invited a group of her friends up to Sierra At Tahoe for a week of killer private park spring shredding. Her friends include Silje Norendal, Sarka Pancochova, Celia Miller, Erin Comstock, Helene Olafsen, Sina CandrianHana BeamanSpencer O’Brien, Isabel Derungs, and Enni Rukajarvi. It pretty much looks like a perfect time… Check it out and follow this link: http://snowboarding.transworld.net/1000186723/videos/jamie-anderson-and-friends-shred-sierra-at-tahoe/



Shooting around Zurich with Ueli Christoffel

…these days, when you are traveling to Zurich, when you in the train all ready know, it is gonna be a hard day…

I never before thought, ow my god this week is gonna be crazy.  But then the freestyle.ch came up and I got many requests from the Swiss newspapers and other magazines. At one of these days I was so busy I couldn’t eat lunch without giving an interview! How stupid? Or how crazy? Or how amazing?… Anyways I always had fun to give interviews and tell the journalists about my live and the upcoming event!

Exactly at one of these days I run into Ueli Christoffel, an old friend of mine! No, we didn’t go to a cafe to sit down and drink a coffee and rest! No, we went out at this wonderful autumn day and made some pictures. I was super stoked about the result; after many interviews i still looked fresh!

Thanks a lot to Ueli Christoffel! I would say, he made my day! Please check his website: uelichristoffel.com/