Shooting around Zurich with Ueli Christoffel

…these days, when you are traveling to Zurich, when you in the train all ready know, it is gonna be a hard day…

I never before thought, ow my god this week is gonna be crazy.  But then the came up and I got many requests from the Swiss newspapers and other magazines. At one of these days I was so busy I couldn’t eat lunch without giving an interview! How stupid? Or how crazy? Or how amazing?… Anyways I always had fun to give interviews and tell the journalists about my live and the upcoming event!

Exactly at one of these days I run into Ueli Christoffel, an old friend of mine! No, we didn’t go to a cafe to sit down and drink a coffee and rest! No, we went out at this wonderful autumn day and made some pictures. I was super stoked about the result; after many interviews i still looked fresh!

Thanks a lot to Ueli Christoffel! I would say, he made my day! Please check his website:


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