First Edit from Breckenridge Colorado

After some days shredding in Breckenridge and in Keystone we got some funny shred tricks together!

The big kicker line is still not open so we enjoyed some easy riding on the smaller jumps in Breckenridge and the rail line in Keystone!

Lipstick Movie Eurotik is out!

Last season I was filming a little bit with the european Lipstick production.

We made a movie with a lot of snowboard girls from different european countries!

My part was filmed at my home resort Laax and in Tahoe, CA. Check out my part at 20:50 minutes!

Laax to Breckenridge

18th November, it is time to pack my stuff for 5 weeks training in Breckenridge!

19th November at 9 a.m , check-in in Zurich for my flight to Denver. Thanks to United for charging 100 Dollars for the board bag- looking forward to fly Swiss or Lufthansa next time!

19th November at 3.30 p.m in Washington. After a nine hours flight we landed safely in Washington. At the entry we realized that we aren’t the only traveler into USA. After an hour waiting in the line, we got a little bit nervous. Our next flight is at 5 p.m! Waiting and waiting, after entering the country we had to stay in a other line to pass the costumes- an other half an hour! Passing shortly the security check we run to our gate- too late! Our flight was gone! At the United customer desk we realized that we weren’t the only one, which couldn’t get on the connecting flight. The friendly lady told us, there is no other flight tonight to Denver. One night in Washington thanks USA for your amazing customer system and thanks to thanks- giving!

20th finally arrived in Denver. As it was a really warm day in the city we decided to spend some hours there before we drove up to Breckenridge. Shopping is so much fun!

21th enjoying my birthday while riding in Breckenridge! For dinner we made a little “Spaghetti Session” and invited some friends. And I got a Birthday cake, lucky girl.

22th first day in Keystone. The park counts all ready 19 rails! Amazing playground but where are the jumps?

23th riding in Keystone and trying hard to get some new rail tricks…  and enjoying the good life!






Fotoshooting mit Gaudenz Danuser in der Freestyle Academy in Laax

Schon lange war ein Fotoshooting mit Gaudenz Danuser für das Magazin Beobachter heute Morgen geplant. Gestern bekam ich noch ein Telefonanruf von Tele Südostschweiz, ob ich nicht Zeit hätte für ein Interview. Da ich schon am Montag meine Reise nach Amerika antrete, ist die Zeit ein bisschen knapp. Kurz entschlossen bekamen wir dann beim Fotoshooting in der Freesytyle Academy in Laax Besuch von der Tele Südostschweiz.


Während dem Shooting wurde ich über meine Zukunftspläne befragt! Schaut euch selbst den Podcast an und ihr findet heraus, was ich diese Saison so alles vor habe!

Schaut euch das Interview an: Interview mit Tele Südostschweiz




Friday is Party Time


This Friday I organized a party with my friend Sarah and Fabienne. We will celebrate in the Arena Club in Flims. Every body is hearty welcome to dance until the sun is rising!

For a good party time we organized 4 crazy DJ’s and a Band! Life is amazing!

Redesigned Livingroom

You never know what this photographer have in mind! But this one is for sure a funny story!

I haven’t had time to travel to Zurich. So they packed all the stuff and redesigned my living room for the photo shooting.

Interview im


Durch ein E-Mail wurde ich von Swiss Snowboard angefragt, ob ich mich vegetarisch ernähre? Und ob ich nicht ein paar Fragen über Sport und Ernährung beantworten möchte. Ich stimmte zu und nur wenige Minuten danach traf eine E-Mail vom Magazin Gesundheitstipp ein. Im Interview geht es um die verschiedenen Essgewohnheiten der sportlichen Vegetarier!

Das Interview kann man auf: kaufen!

shredding with my friends

More than 6 months I was waiting for this moment. The mountains are covered with fresh snow and all my friends are super motivated to go snowboarding.

Today was our season kick off day! And we all know the season is going until the end of March and we are going to have many magical moments in this white stuff called snow!