Breckenridge Coffee Time

It was a cold week in Breckenridge but as well a really nice one! I decided to hang today and went to drink some coffee at this little nice place called Amazing Grace in Breckenridge. Isabel and I enjoyed some reading in our study books. We couldn’t learn a lot because after half an hour there, Jamie visited us for a drink. After some time more and more riders came in and we had a really nice talk. It was good to meet every one beside the slopes!

study in breck

There was this nice day, in which I learned some new tricks and made a little edit.

But there was a really hard day for me, I couldn’t land a run at the World Cup in Copper. I can’t remember when this happened to me, luckily it is a long time ago and I didn’t got injured! There was this crazy storm and the conditions where really bad. But in the end it was the same for every rider and I am super stoked for my friends Isabel Derungs and Elena Könz, they finished on 3rd and 4th place!




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