End of January and in the middle of the competition season

The last three weeks I was on the road and passed Canada and America.

From the 6th till the 12th I stayed in Breckenridge at our rental house. After spending two weeks in Switzerland over new years I was looking forward to go back and shred Keystone and Breckenridge mountain. They got some fresh snow and made some more artificial snow. They could extend the park and built an unbelievable medium jump line with three jumps-two rails-three jumps and two rails! It was a lot of fun hitting this line all day long! You can see me riding the park in the following little edit!

As well from the 7th till the 10th was the first FIS Worldcup in Copper. I didn’t had luck and bailed two times in a row and finished the competition on the 51th place! I almost had to lough about that result. No luck in the new year.

My second stop was in the ice cold area of Stoneham. We couldn’t belief how cold it can be but we were snowboarding in temperature under -25 celsius degrees. Stoneham was cold but they didn’t had much snow. So the park looked o.k but it wasn’t crazy! At the World Champion Chip I could land all my runs and was super stoked and I can call me know vice world champion!

Isabel and IPodium


After cold Canada we flew back to Denver and drove up to Aspen for the Winter X Games. The X Games are the biggest winter freestyle event! The course was perfect and super funny to ride- as always! We had four days training in very good conditions. On Saturday was our final and I couldn’t land a perfect run, maybe I was too tired after all this funny training sessions! Ending on the 5th place isn’t too bad but my goal was to stand on the podium! Maybe I will ride better next year and rest more before the comp :)!

X Games 360





Now I am back home and really enjoying some off-snow days! It is not going to be a long brake- next week is the european open in Laax. Really looking forward to this comp and can’t wait to shred the Laax Snowpark.



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