European Open ak Powder Open

It is very nice to spend some times back home with your lovely family and friends.


Last week was the European Open in Laax. It was a great week and we got a lot of snow- almost every day!

The conditions to ride a slopestyle were hard, it was storming and the fresh snow didn’t help to clear the jumps. After some schedule changes the organization had to chancel the women slopestyle event. I was super sad on one side but I really can understand the decision form the hole event crew!

Rocks Resort

The pipe event was last Friday. It was a intense rider level on the girls and men sides! I competed as well in the pipe event but didn’t do so well, because it was only my second day shredding in the pipe this season! I had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to drop into apipe very soon!

The hole organization did again a great job and I hope we will have some sunny days next year!

Dace and Lucien in the Pipe


No Name Cafe


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