Shooting in LAAX


After competing in many different events all over the world I am happy to spend some weeks back home in Flims. It is always nice to sleep in you own bed and as well I am super stoked to have such a great playground on my home mountain LAAX.


Today and yesterday it was sunny and the conditions on the hill perfect. I decided to go up to get some shots with Philipp Ruggli and something on the tape with Blume Pictures. Wednesday morning we took the gondola to the Crap Sogn Gion at 7.30 a.m. The sun was all ready out and the pipe was perfect shaped! We had a nice session there before we moved to the kicker line. It was a really cool day, we couldn’t stop snowboarding and stayed on the hill till the sun was gone at 7.00 p.m!


Today it was not that early and not that long! The weather and the speed were a challenge so I decided to call it after some runs….


Still super stoked to get something together and looking forward to get some rest days!

Happy eastern every body!

Blume and Philipp


ILS Pauns

X Games Europe







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TIGNES, France — High in the Alps, the weather can be wild and unpredictable. And at the X Games, so can the competition.

A blizzard swept through Tignes, France, on the first day of X Games Tignes, forcing the Women’s Ski Slopestyle competition to be postponed a day. Wednesday night, the wind whipped and circled the pipe ominously, but the Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe competition went on, crowning Kelly Clark queen once again. Adding to the rough start, several skiers had to wait nervously for the airlines to deliver gear that didn’t arrive when the competitors did.

Then, as if the blizzard never happened, the skies cleared and the party really started in Tignes. And the competition followed suit. Iouri Podladtchikov landed his YOLO Flip for the first time, Kaya Turski retained her Slope dominance for the fourth time in a row in Tignes, Sebastien Toutant overcame his friend Mark McMorris to return to the top of the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle podium, and the France versus USA showdown in Men’s Ski Pipe didn’t disappoint (USA won out this time). In a fitting finale to the week, French native Marie Martinod-Routine returned to competition after a six-year hiatus to give a toast to Sarah Burke and her hometown crowd.


Mark Kohlman/ESPNSwiss rider Iouri “I-Pod” Podladtchikov is elated after he made history on Thursday, landing the first Cab double cork 1440 in competition.

Swiss rider Iouri “I-Pod” Podladtchikov made history Thursday, landing the first Cab double cork 1440 in competition during the Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe finals. He’s calling it the YOLO Flip, after the unstoppably viral teen meme: You Only Live Once.

After landing the trick — essentially a switch double flip with four rotations — in his third and final run, Podladtchikov nearly took the YOLO thing literally, crashing hard on his next hit, a frontside double cork 1080 mute grab.

After his run, he tossed his gloves, helmet, goggles and snowboard into the crowd in celebration.

“It felt rock and roll, baby,” he exclaimed, breathless after his momentous run.He says he has attempted the trick only three times in total, including once during practice at X Games Aspen 2013 in January. He’d been hyping the trick up on social media since then, but as far as Podladtchikov is concerned, a trick doesn’t really count until it has been landed in competition in front of a crowd. “This is the first time I’ve done it,” he said.

The YOLO Flip is a huge step in progression for Podladtchikov, who also brought the first double McTwist 1260s to superpipe competition a year ago. He has said he felt undue pressure to try the double McTwist at X Games Aspen 2012, with that event being promoted as an I-Pod versus Shaun White showdown; this year, with White out of the mix and the pressure off, he came determined to land his newest trick, foreshadowing what could shape up to be one of the biggest rivalries in snowboarding heading into an Olympic year with the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, on the horizon.



Mark Kohlman/ESPNSilje Norendal upset Jamie Anderson, who was going for her third straight X Games Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle gold medal.

Norwegian rider Silje Norendal disrupted X Games Aspen 2013 gold medalist Jamie Anderson’s attempt at a Tignes Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle three-peat.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Norendal said after the event. “[This] is such a good event for girls to progress and show what we really can do.”

It was a big day for progression in women’s slopestyle, with Aimee Fuller landing a double backflip and a Cab underflip tail grab and Sina Candrian attempting 1080s.

“We saw a 10 today and so much progression it’s just sick,” Norendal said. “It’s the whole atmosphere, everybody coming out here watching, really nice weather and a great course … it’s just a good combination of everything.”

If Anderson had won, she would have tied Shaun White’s record of five X Games slopestyle gold medals, but she said she was just happy to see everybody throwing down with new tricks.






Fakten und Zahlen der jungen Swiss Ski Disziplinen

Für mich war dieser Artikel eine Aufmunterung, dass wir Freestyler überhaupt wieder einmal in den Medien erwähnt werden. Jedoch ist es auch traurig die Realität zu kennen. Freestyle Sportarten sind in der Schweiz leider nicht so populär wie herkömmliche Sportarten; Ski alpin, Fussball, Eishockey etc. In den Staaten und in Asien sieht dies ganz anders aus, da boomen die verrückten Freestyle-Sportarten.

Christof Gertsch hat einen interessanten Artikel über die jungen Freestyle-Sportarten des Verbandes Swiss Ski geschrieben. Cyril Müller hat einen tollen und ehrlichen Kommentar hinzugefügt, welcher auch mit Fakten belegt werden kann.

“Herr Gertsch schreibt die Freestyle Bewerbe im ersten Absatz als marginal ab, interessant gerademal für ein Publikum das “lieber durch Funparks springt”, für die Zukunft von Olympia unbedeutend – es gibt ja Eishockey und die Skiabfahrt. Von ihm offensichtlich unbeobachtet spielte der Snowboard Halfpipe Bewerb in Vancouver bei Zuschauern aus Asien und Nordamerika die mitunter höchsten Quoten der Winterspiele 2010 ein. Die Welt ist grösser als Sie denken, Herr Gertsch.”

Auf folgendem Link kann man den ganzen Artikel gratis lesen:

Czech World Cup


Last week I went to Czech with the Swiss Snowboard Team.

It was a really nice and different Slopestyle course. There was a hip into a pipe with three hits, then a rail set up and in the end a big kicker!

I had a lot of fun riding this course! In the end I ended up on the second place!

Coach Dani and Sina