Shooting in LAAX


After competing in many different events all over the world I am happy to spend some weeks back home in Flims. It is always nice to sleep in you own bed and as well I am super stoked to have such a great playground on my home mountain LAAX.


Today and yesterday it was sunny and the conditions on the hill perfect. I decided to go up to get some shots with Philipp Ruggli and something on the tape with Blume Pictures. Wednesday morning we took the gondola to the Crap Sogn Gion at 7.30 a.m. The sun was all ready out and the pipe was perfect shaped! We had a nice session there before we moved to the kicker line. It was a really cool day, we couldn’t stop snowboarding and stayed on the hill till the sun was gone at 7.00 p.m!


Today it was not that early and not that long! The weather and the speed were a challenge so I decided to call it after some runs….


Still super stoked to get something together and looking forward to get some rest days!

Happy eastern every body!

Blume and Philipp


ILS Pauns


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