Spring Session in Laax

There are no words to describe the last few days on the hill on the Crap Sogn Gion. We had a little private film session going on the last ten days. A crew with plus or minus ten people were filming rails, hip and jumps in Laax. The weather was for sure a challenge but the bad weather couldn’t stop us snowboarding. My favorite obstacle was the gap jump with the quarter pipe. The kicker was in a perfect shape and I enjoyed every single second flying over it. Yesterday I stomped my first fs 1080. I had this trick in mind since a long time and now I am happy I landed it at my home resort Laax. I really want to thanks the hole Laax crew and a special thanks to all the shapers, to the photograph Philipp Ruggli and to Blume Pictures! I won’t forget this good times and vibes on the mountain!

Enjoy the pictures!!

gap jump

best crew ever



long days

Laax Winter Season Ending

happy up

After a great spring time with some sunny weather days and as well with some fresh snowy days the season in LAAX is finished.

I am a really lucky girl and can go up to the mountain for some more days to do a private shooting. For sure I am really looking forward to spend some more days on the hill. The conditions are still perfect. Here are some pictures which I took while shooting at the pleasure spring session.


behind the clouds

Park is perfect looking

Today it was so warm that I had to visit the lake. I wasn’t the only one at the alpine maldives- beach.

Cedric enjoys the sun



MBM Session years ago

This photo is almost three years old. Still I really like them in a combination.

A photo shows just a really short moment, but for this moment you have to work hard…..

… the weather needs to be good, the snow conditions have to be perfect, the photographer has to get the shot at the right moment and the rider need to show his trick perfectly.

making and doing