Barcelona with LOVE

telefonica tower

Vert Ramp

I was lucky and could travel as a guest to the summer x games to Barcelona! It was my first time watching some summer extreme games! The riding level in each discipline was insane! In skateboarding street Nyjah Hustion won his 4th gold medal. Rodriguez and Hustion had a hard battel. Rodriguez was in the lead before Hustion dropped in for his last trick on the impact session…

Hustion’s trick in the final:

4th gold medal

Street SLS

The first 1080 on the mega ramp was stomped by Mitchie Brusco! Watch it on:

skate board big air

tourist or groupie :)

The vert ramp couldn’t have a nicer venue!

Top of Bacelona

As a tourist  I was walking around with my camera….

guitarist at the beach

sagrada famiglia

This building is never finished- Sagrada Familia, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi!




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