Saas Fee and Zermatt

Saas Fee Glacier

It is time to learn some more tricks on the snowboard. Three weeks and then I will be competing at the in Zurich.

Can’t wait for that upcoming event! I will do my best to learn some more tricks for the swiss crowd!

I took some photos on my travel to Saas Fee and some on the glacier!



Sun Set Oberalp

Sun Set Furka


massiv snow

ghosty peace

Blog Entry Number 100


Dear Readers

It is amazing to share some words, photos and clips with you!

Thanks a lot for the interest and for so many visits on my blog! This will be my 100th blog entry!

As you maybe all ready know I really enjoy this summer. Last week I was invited to visit my dear friends in San Tropez.

It was an amazing week, sleeping a lot, enjoying the beach, sun bathing, went sailing and we were splashing in the pool like little kids!

Life is treating me really well at the moment! I hope you are all enjoying the summer in the northern hemisphere.


PS: I haven’t forgot my snowboard- will be on the glacier on Wednesday! 

san tropez

pool time


sun set




Summer Snowboarding

black and white

After enjoying some really warm summer days I’m back on the white snow! My break was only three months but I missed the good board feeling all ready!

The three-kicker-line here in Saas Fee is nice to train some new tricks- or to get the board control back.

As I don’t go to New Zealand this summer I will spend the summer and autumn here in Switzerland on the beautiful glacier!

A hope I can train hard enough to be ready for the in Zurich in September!


it snowed