Upcoming Event Freestyle.ch

last year

It is this time again- freestyl.ch in Zurich! Always a big event for the freestyler! This is the biggest freestyle event in Europe -make sense-right?

For me it is the second time to be there as a rider. The other years I was there as a guest, groupie or festival enjoyer!

Yesterday I was in the TV show called living room by joiz tv!

Met some good guys! Stoked to be in a show with the snowboard legend and one of my favorite riders Eero Etala and the band Zigitros and the founder of the Swiss Brand Gummi Love!

tv show

Here some music to get the feeling for the freestyle.ch Zigitros is playing right after Cross Over Session- don’t miss them!!

http://bcove.me/zxm5ohd9 check out what they were playing during the show!

https://soundcloud.com/zigitros/yours-truly the link to a wonderful song!





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