7 Sky Photo Award at Freestyle.ch

Pic by Philipp Ruggli

Last spring my home resort Laax builded this big gap jump for a after season film session. I loved this jump and enjoyed some air times!

If you like this pic you can vote for it online on: http://www.7skymagazine.ch/site/7sky/win/the-riding-women-photo-contest-vote-for-your-favorite-photo

If you are a inhabitant from Zurich, grab your skateboard, bike… what ever rolls you from A to Z! Come to the Marktgasse 4 in Zurich at 5 pm for an amazing Event with a little concert, a ride to the landiwiese and an apero! For more informations please check this link: http://www.7skymagazine.ch/site/7sky/agenda/2013/09/the-riding-women-press-conference-ride-through-zurich

Lets ride!

Riding Women PC & RIDE through Zurich_900px


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