Training Session in Stubai


It is along time since I was updating you about my on snow training.

Last week and this week I spent my time on the glacier of Stubai. With some other snowboarders and skiers we are training  in a private course for the upcoming events. The park is perfectly shaped every day. The three kickers allows us to work on our tricks or even to learn new tricks.

After some training runs I met my team members from Head and Giro. We were shooting for the next season’s catalogue. There are really nice boards and googles coming out! The photographer Thomas Stöckli made a little post about the time he spend with the Giro Team:

At the moment the weather is crazy, it is stormy and snowing up there on the glacier.  They are expecting more than half a meter of snow. The bad weather allows me to rest a little and write you some words about the session.

Next few days are looking good and I hope I can train as good as the last few days! I will drop a little edit about the session next week! Before I head back to the Stubai glacier I will have a little chat at tomorrows’ (31.10.2013) show at Sport Aktuell on SRF.

I wish you a nice week and enjoy the nice fall time!

the park at stubai zoo

Edit is coming out next week

Queen :)

Living in the Alps

Three days ago I was on the Cassons ( my home mountain) with my camera. It was an amazing few. Up in the mountain it was sunny, the lower regions were  in the fog. Fall has his very unique light up in the mountains! I really love it!

Living in the mountains means the weather can change immediately. Yesterday it got colder and colder. Today in the morning the landscape was covered with snow! Winter is knocking on the door!