Picture the Way to Sochi

starting my blog rubric "Picture the Way to Sochi"
starting my blog rubric “Picture the Way to Sochi” withe the Leica C (www.leica-camera.ch)

As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. As an athlete I travel around the world and visit places, which I wouldn’t see as a common tourist. My winter season has already started and I am focusing on the prestigious upcoming event, The Olympic Games in Sochi. Thanks to the good results (2nd place at the World Championship, 2nd place at the World Cup in Czech, 5th place at the X Games in Aspen) last season I already have the ticket to Sochi to 98% in my pocket.

As of today I own one more toy, which discovers the world with me. I would like to present you the Leica C. (http://de.leica-camera.com/photography/compact_cameras/leica_c/)

This camera is multi functional with a lot of different adjustments to take perfect pictures during a journey. The camera also has an integrated Wi-Fi function. Pictures and videos can be transferred to a smart phone in a few seconds. These pictures I would like to share with you on my new blog rubric “Picture the Way to Sochi”. Every week I will share a picture from a special moment of my way.

This blog is kindly supported by Leica Camera AG.

Today I visited my grandmother in a little village called Fläsch.

Leica visits Fläsch


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