Swiss Sports Award 2013

swiss sports award

After sitting more then 12 hours in a airplane I finally landed in Zurich. With a little jet lag I made it on time to the Swiss tv show called Swiss Sports Award. In the fitting room I met the most talented sport athletes from Switzerland. It was great to see them and get in touch with them! Stars like Stanisla Wawrinka, Giulia Steingruber and the swiss hockey team and many more were at this special event.

Guilia Steingruber and Dario Cologna won the awards! They had an incredible season behind- congratulations, well deserved! I don’t know on which place I was ranked in the end! But only to be there meant a lot to me!


the not officale ranking!

Thanks a lot to every one out there who was voting and cheering for me!

Again…. I was s0oo stoked to be there that I forgot to take some pictures! But I will never forget this amazing moments they will  always be  in my memories!

I wish the Swiss sports athletes all the best for the upcoming season! Hope to be a part of some incredible moments next winter!

Enjoy the show on:

Robie Williams





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