Swiss Hydropower



Thanks to its topography and high average levels of annual rainfall, Switzerland has ideal conditions for hydropower utilisation. Hydropower underwent an initial period of expansion towards the end of the nineteenth century, experiencing a boom between 1945 and 1970 when numerous new run-of-river power plants in the lowlands and the largest storage power plants were built.

Based on the estimated mean production level, hydropower still accounted for almost 90% of domestic electricity production at the beginning of the 1970s, but this figure fell to around 60% by 1985 following the entry into operation of Switzerland’s nuclear power plants, and now accounts for around 55%. Hydropower remains Switzerland’s most important domestic source of renewable energy.


Today there are 579 hydropower plants in Switzerland (power plants with a capacity of at least 300 kilowatts) which produce an average of around 35,913 gigawatt hours (GWh/y) a year. 47.4% of that is produced at run-of-river power plants, 48.2% at storage power plants and approximately 4.4% at pumped storage power plants. Two-thirds of this energy is produced in the mountain cantons of Uri, Graubünden, Ticino and Valais, while Aargau and Bern also generate significant quantities. Around 11% of Switzerland’s hydropower generation comes from facilities situated on bodies of water along the country’s borders. The hydropower market is worth around CHF 1.8 billion (basis = delivery from power plant at 5 centimes per kilowatt hour), and is therefore an important segment of Switzerland’s energy industry. (text informations:





Back on Track, the true story


Since last September I am struggling with my herniated disc. As many of you knew, my winter never really started. I was able to ride the Olympics in Russia.  Even with a lot of pain I had a lot of fun riding this amazing course in Sochi. Straight back from the Olympics, I had to do a MRI again. The herniated disc didn’t looked really comfortable so I decided to call this winter off. It was a hard decision and for sure not easy. I couldn’t watch my friends snowboarding, because I got too sad that I couldn’t be with them.

Instead of snowboarding and collecting many miles on a airplane I was stoked at home.  I had a lot of time to think what I really want to do. I talked a lot to my parents and my lovely friends! The question came up, what does snowboarding really mean to me, is it worth to get hurt that bad? The simply answer is: Snowboarding means EVERY THING for me! It is my life and without this passion I wouldn’t be the person I am right now!

When I saw this answer so clear, I made a plan. The plan was to get back on track as safety and healthy (not as fast) as possible. I started to train a little bit in the gym and spa area at the Waldhaus Hotel in Flims. Right now I am training every day three hours in the gym in Zurich or at home in Flims. Since last week I am now back training in the nature, I am able to jogge and bike trough the forest! It is nice to go outside and enjoy the sun! This little step gives me the power and motivation to train hard to get back on the snow next winter!

When I’m not in the gym I found a new hobby photography. I try to be creative with my cam and I’m searching for some nice nature photos. I’m sure I found some really nice subjects. I will post my photos on this blog soon! I am planing to do a little reshape on this blog- it’ll take me some more days!

Just saying, I can’t wait to go back on the snow! I want to say thanks to all of you, helping me in this hard time and believe in my as an athlete! Big thanks to my wonderful friends and family members and to my sponsors, neff headwear, giro, head and laax.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!







The Ride for Shift Camp

Girls and Guys, have you ever visited Flims Laax Falera during the wonderful summer time? Are you interested to see the snowboarding place-to-be Laax with different eyes? I invite you, to join the camp to discover the wonderful area of Flims Laax Falera in warmer conditions. We will swim in the lakes, discover the landscape with it’s wonderful flora and fauna, race down the mountain on the bike, camp outside, yoga and many more activities!

It’s going to be five wonderful days! Join us for a wonderful camp for adults!

Here the letter from the main organization from 7 sky:

Join us for a lifetime experience! A wonderful encounter with yourself, greatly and hugely inspirational participants, locals and nature! An invitation to take one step back and experience what we really need in our lives.

The Ride for Shift Camp 21st-26th June in FLIMS / LAAX / FALERA (Switzerland) with Sina Candrian, Greenstyle, 7sky Magazine and many more greatly and hugely inspirational Shiftriders!

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