The four seasons at the wine yard








fall time



2 thoughts on “The four seasons at the wine yard

  1. Hello Sina!
    I had no opportunity to say in previous posts, but I am a wine lover (more precisely, 20 years). I started tasting sweet and cheap and also homemade wine, and over time I learned more and more as well as honing my palate on all grape varietals and blends …
    My preference for some years now is the varietal (Cabernet and Merlot Suavignon), dry course.
    Here in Brazil there are many wineries, which offer the most relevant brands or not so much. I like the Brazilian brand SALTON and CHATEAU Duvalier. The Argentine and Chilean wines are also very good and offer many famous brands such as: SAINT HELENA (Chile) or ALTA VISTA (Argentina).
    The wine is ancient, there are reports of (a fermented beverage), dating from about 1000 years before Christ, this drink is wine.
    And you Sina, like wine??
    Good friday to you and family …

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