Oh Deer

First of all I have to mention, I don’t like killed animals! I am a strikt vegetarian and I would love to see more respect against every kind of animal….

Today in the afternoon I went to our cabin called Malins with my grandfather! His passion is wildlife animals and I came across this jewel of a deer skull. I pictured it and made some art out of it! I hope you like it!

deer skull


Indoor Madness at the Freestyle Academy in Laax

It is been a long time since I posted some action shots on my blog! In the train today – on my way to Zurich, I tried to put some action shots together from my practice in the Freestyle Academy in Laax! The academy is perfect to try out some over head spins and tricks! The soft landing makes it easy to try stuff out, to climb out you waste a lot of energy! It’s a hard work but I can’t wait to be back on snow to do this tricks again!





Last Saturday I climbed up the pinut-cassons with some of my family members in Flims. It was amazing to hang in the air and enjoy the amazing few and fresh air! On top we reached the “alp cassons”! It was amazing to see all this flowers which grow over 2695 meters above sea level! I made some macro shots from different flowers, check out how amazing they turned out!