Brazil 2

My trip to Brazil has ended! I came back home with a big smile and I’m really sure I will go back to this wonderful country some days! The Brazilian people are crazy, they all were so friendly, helpful and always in a good mood to have some amazing times! As you can see on the pictures we were traveling a lot in this 21 days and were surrounded from the wonderful landscape, ocean and the Brazilian people.





slagline_sina niemayer_zuckerberg



I would love to tell you some anecdote from our Trip:

The waitress ask us, what kind a drink would you like,we ordered a beer, o.k we have 5 different sorts of beer, we ordered a Stella… five minutes later she showed up with two Hineken beers, we asked her, but is there no more Stella left, she answered, yes sure we have some Stella but this one is colder! end of the talk, in Brazil it doesn’t matter what kind a beer you ordered the most important think is to serve it cold- and with cold i mean frozen! The brand of the beer is totally irrelevant.

Two friendly guys (my cousins’  Brazilian cousins) in Salvador let us stay at there house! They explained us a lot about how dangerous the city is and that we really have to take care.. Yes we did and every think went well! Until three of us came back from a surf trip, knocking on the door, the greeting from inside the house was- “we have got a problem”, the roof cave in!! now the question was, is it more dangerous to be out in the dangerous city, or is it more dangerous to stay in the house? As well I have to say, one of us would have slept in this part of the house were the roof dropped! But luckily no one got hurt and it’s a funny story we all can laugh about it! And as i heard the roof will be fixed! Maybe this week maybe an other week- Brazilian lifestyle!

In Itacare we tried to book a flight from Salvador to Rio de Janeiro, our internet at the hotel wasn’t working that well so we had to go to the village center to get some internet. At one shop we saw a big branding “Selling plain tickets”, we went in there and asked about the flight tickets, but the lovely lady told us, I don’t sell tickets any more… But it was the biggest branding in the street and she just had forgot to take it away- or maybe she was a little bit lazy!

A shop retailer in Itacare rented us some nice surfboards! One day we went to his shop to grab some surf boards, but he wasn’t there, we waited a bit but he didn’t show up. the next day we asked him, where have you been yesterday, his answer was, i was surfing, haven’t you seen this amazing waves? yes we saw them and wanted to grab our boards to get out there but you weren’t here.”oh yes I was surfing” we couldn’t be mad at him because we know, he is truly living his surf dream….







One thought on “Brazil 2

  1. Hello Sina, okay?
    How was your trip to Brazil?
    Tell me your experiences.
    Now on September 21 we will enter the “spring” season, but the heat had already appeared with force. I miss a few words with you. How is the weather there? A big hug, I await your news.
    Sincerely, Eduardo – Riberião Preto – Brazil.

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