Oberalp-Furka to Saas Fee


It’s all ready this time – fall – a lot of athletes get back to train on the snow for the upcoming season in Saas Fee on the glacier. For me it means to drive from Flims over the Oberal and over the Furka pass to Saas Fee. The journey takes three hours and a lot of wonderful and different landscapes are passing by while driving.

Last time when I travelled from here to there, I took a little bit more time and tried to capture the wonderful surrounding.

On this post I added some picture, which I took today from my hike in the alps in Saas Fee. Sometimes I was following the path but in the end I was climbing over some rocks and almost went up to the glacier tong- it’s nice to be back in the mountains!

IMG_1000 Kopie


oberalppass2 (1 von 1)

gletschersee3 (1 von 1)

gletscherzunge (1 von 1)

gondeln_blau (1 von 1)



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