… and the temperatures dropped and it snowed!

the last couple of days i was enjoying some insane time here in hintertux with the giro team. we went trough some good and long party nights, built our first powder jump and enjoyed our stay at the best hotel here in hintertux the bergfried.

me and my friend- olympic gold medalist winner and party queen kaitlyn farrington


now i am testing out some poles and cameras for chilli technology- news are going to be launched soon! while i was filming today i almost crashed into my friends elias and andri ambühl. i had to take this cool selfie!

sina_andri_elias (1 von 1)

have a good night

Stubai Opening and Head Snowboards Team Week

no snow

This weekend Stubai opened their doors. Sadly they had some really warm days before the opening and the snow melted away! They couldn’t build a big park so only some jibb obstacles were up there. Way to many people for only nine rails! Fighting for railing- nothing for me!

The good news is that we are having a wonderful house here in Neukirch with the Head Snowboards Team. Some hard off snow challenges like Mario Kart is going on…

Up here is not much to do so I decided to leave on Monday to Hintertux- hopefully the weather will be sunny and warm or cold and snowing!



at least we have the hottest film producer with us!


baby it’s snowing

… just this moment, when it is getting darker and darker earlier every evening, the temperatures drop, the sun is not that strong any more, the wind is chilly and cold, the leaves are falling down from the trees- the smell of winter


Head Snowboards Girls Team in Laax

Last spring my sponsor Head Snowboards organized a girls trip in Laax. We had some wonderful days up here in the mountains. Sadly I was injured and couldn’t ride at this  time, becuase of my injured back, but the other girls had a lot of fun shredding in the Laax Snowpark.

Check out the little edit…

Don’t you dream of snowboarding? NOW?!

I wish you a wonderful evening 🙂




12 months on a vine yard

My uncle is a vine farmer in the region of the Swiss “Bündner Herrschaft” in Fläsch. During the last couple of years I tried to capture the different seasons on his farm. How the light shines in the vine, how the grapes grow and change the colours  and after the harvest how the leafs are turning from green to brown. When ever I visit this little town I try to work on my little documentary called 12 months on a vine yard.

April 22nd



April 24th

June 11th


August 24th


September 2nd


October 6th

October 5th

November 12th


December 28th