Chilli Technology


I am excited to announce that I will work together with Chilli Technology this Winter. A short introduction; Chilli Technology is a brand from Great Britain, the brand focuses on Action Cams and Cam Accessories. The founder is Paul Bradley. I got to know him last season when he came for his first time snowboarding in Laax. He loved it here and we spent some time together and came to the idea, that it would be nice to do some project together. Here we are and our first baby is out on the market.

A lot of kids are nowadays into filming. Some of them already have a cam but I am sure not everyone has a pole to stabilize the cam for better films. The pole we are selling now, is a light pole and easy to ride with. On the following pictures you can see some examples of what I have captured using the pole. This little accessories makes filming easier and the quality of the film is amazing! On this pole you can attach any action cam. We are running now a promotion and the pole is only 36.- CHF or 30.- Euro. For all the details please check our selling homepage:

As well we are running a facebook fanpage, which we try to update as much as we can.

And yes, the pole is the best present for your kids, niece, friends, family member or for yourself! If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us!

Lets go out and capture your life….


This is my happy smile after riding down in the fresh snow!

The double trouble


The last week I enjoyed again some days up on the glacier in Stubai. The park is so insane and a lot of fun to ride and the jump sizes are perfect to try out some more tricks. This was my last slopestyle training before the Dew Tour in Breckenridge, begins on the 7th December. Until I will fly out to the USA I’ll be shredding some rails and slope here in Laax.

I wish every one a wonderful weekend! Enjoy it and get out and ride…

Some times you have to enjoy snowboarding as max as possible and friends should be a part of it! Elena and I decided to hit the jump together and our friend Nicole Antognini from Reverse Magazine took the shot!

For more action shots from the Stubai Session go out and check the magazine page:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-29 um 16.27.45


dave_wakesk82 (1 von 1)This is how a good training week looks like here in Ticino. We trained hard but enjoyed it every single minute. Today we went to a flooded river to get some board feeling- wakeboard, wakesurf and wakeskate! I was stoked about the smiling faces from my team mates, so happy we are soon together back on the snow!

verena_dave2 (1 von 1)           leo_wakesk8bw (1 von 1)         leo_portrait (1 von 1)

Laax is calling

the viewLast weekend I was up on the hill in Laax for the first time this year. Because of a crazy snow storm last week the conditions were absolutely great to start the season on the Vorab glacier on Saturday. With two friends I cruised around the slopes and enjoyed all ready my first couple of tracks in the backcountry. After almost two months training in the park I was hyped to get some powder turns.

I was so stoked to ride and forgot to take some pictures….

…that’s what we got and the pictures and feeling from the powder sprays are still in our own memories- sorry!



Winterwonderland Flims

After three weeks on the road in Austria and Switzerland I am now finally back home in Flims. It is amazing to come back home and see the landscape covered with fresh snow! And the best news are, the resort will be open this weekend! I can’t wait to get some nice runs on the glacier with my friends! Lets hope the winter stays like this!
blätter flimserstein wald


18 athletes

On Friday I competed with 17 other Swiss athletes in front of a 14’000 visitors in the Hallenstadion in Zurich to win the Super 10 Kampf. It was such a cool event and I had a lot of fun to get to know the most famous sport athletes in Switzerland. The topic of the game was “around the world”. I was in the white team with Nevin Calamrini and Curdin Perl. We had to fight in five different games- Asia, Europe, Australia, America and Africa. The games were crazy and all athletes gave the best to take the win. Luckily we were an amazing team and it worked out really nice, only in the final we lost our game and got second in total.

But this event was not only about the win, it was a charity event for the Sporthilfe in Switzerland. The Sporthilfe charity gives young sport athletes financial support to rich their goals.

This Sunday, 2.11 at 8p.m on the Swiss National TV is the broadcast from the Super 10 Kampf.

I enjoy some days off and hope my muscle ache goes away! Don’t forget to watch the game tomorrow and enjoy your weekend!

Best greetings from Zurich

team white and blue



I tested my new Chilli Technology action cam in Stubai and had a lot of fun…

This is the moment, when you know, every thing goes well and you have enough time to flirt with the cam.

I wish every one a wonderful weekend!