18 athletes

On Friday I competed with 17 other Swiss athletes in front of a 14’000 visitors in the Hallenstadion in Zurich to win the Super 10 Kampf. It was such a cool event and I had a lot of fun to get to know the most famous sport athletes in Switzerland. The topic of the game was “around the world”. I was in the white team with Nevin Calamrini and Curdin Perl. We had to fight in five different games- Asia, Europe, Australia, America and Africa. The games were crazy and all athletes gave the best to take the win. Luckily we were an amazing team and it worked out really nice, only in the final we lost our game and got second in total.

But this event was not only about the win, it was a charity event for the Sporthilfe in Switzerland. The Sporthilfe charity gives young sport athletes financial support to rich their goals.

This Sunday, 2.11 at 8p.m on the Swiss National TV is the broadcast from the Super 10 Kampf.

I enjoy some days off and hope my muscle ache goes away! Don’t forget to watch the game tomorrow and enjoy your weekend!

Best greetings from Zurich

team white and blue



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