European Open Week

The European Open is for sure a special event for me! Two very different things that it makes this event so special for me: as I started to get into the freestyle scene I had no clue about how big the European Open is. All my friends decided to compete in the event and I thought why not? As a junior I started in the slopestyle contest- without knowing how good or bad I was compered to all the other riders. So I dropped in and enjoyed the ride down through the course! It was an amazing feeling and I knew I love snowboarding with my heard and I has so much fun- but i didn’t know that I was good in it! At the price giving I was freaking out as I heard “and the winner is Sina Candrian”- I thought it was a mistake! Not really understanding what was going on during this week with winning both junior events- slopestyle and pipe, competing as well in the women finals in the pipe and got 2nd behind Kelly Clark…! Suddenly my career as a snowboard professional started- without having noticed it!

Second of this specialty about this event is, that the event is happening on the same mountain on which I learned how to stand sideways! It is crazy how much this mountain and the locals means to me- how much love and support I get while the competition is running in Laax. I am so thankful to have this mountain just in front of my house! A dream for a snowboarder, we have one of the biggest resorts to powder every where, we have the biggest pipe on earth and we have the most creative slopestyle! What I want more? Thanks to the park shapers in Laax and thanks for all the people making this home so wonderful!


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