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Sina, you where qualified for the world championship finals in slopestyle and you won the bronze medal at the big air. How do you feel?
It was a nice week and I’m happy I made it in both finals. I was a bit disappointed for not bringing a medal home in slopestyle. The qualifications, which I won, went so well that I was motivated to win the competition. Finally, I ended up in the fourth place again (referring to the Olympic Games) and that always sucks. Then, at the big air competition I stepped onto the podium and I was happy to take home at least one medal.

What was the best moment of the event for you?
The championship lasted 8 days so it’s hard to pick one single moment out of them. In general, we were such a great team, plus we had JOE ZANGER with us. He is hard to describe, he is like a natural healer and a really good soul and he supported us through the whole week. That was not a single moment but it was one of the coolest thing about the event.

Now back in Laax for BEO. Tired? Ready?
For sure not tired because the world champs where so long, there was not a lot of training and competition. We were there 8 days for just two competitions, which was not so stressful. So now I’m ready for Laax. I feel ready because I’ve already had four competitions that went well this season so I hope it will last.

How does it feel to compete in your home resort?
It’s for sure different than other events. On one hand, you are more nervous because a lot of people know you and are watching you. But on the other hand, it’s so nice because you get a lot of support as everybody is cheering for you. So it’s both negative and positive. It’s so amazing to host such a big event at home. But finally when you are up there and you are starting your run the feeling is the same as in any other competition.

How would you describe the snowboard scene for a woman?
The last few years we were just 10 top riders. For example, three years ago you knew exactly who was going to make it to the finals and who was not. Today the scene of professional snowboarders has expanded to 15-16 girls. So it becomes harder and harder to define the top six that would make it to the finals.
In general, for a woman in this sport it’s hard to find sponsors but on the other hand, it’s easier to get into the top league than it would be for a guy. What it’s great about snowboarding is that the guys support the girls and the girls love to watch the guys. We are all riders and friends.

You are an awesome photographer as much as an impressive rider. What led you to photography?
I’ve got natural inspiration. For me photography is like art and I love doing some artistic stuff. So far, I have taken my camera out with me to take shots of nature because I’m really nature-connected because of snowboarding. It just came to me and now it’s one of my main hobbies.
I bought my camera when I went on my first big trip to Bali. I wasn’t expecting to take any good shots, I was just like a tourist shooting around… Then I realized that I was really getting into it. Last season, when I got injured, I started experimenting with new techniques and new angles, which increased my knowledge of photography. I’m not a professional but I’m not just shooting around randomly anymore. (laughs)

As an experienced rider what would be the message you would give to all the young budding riders?
Go out there, pick your friends, have a nice day and push yourself. Just have fun! Do it, try it out and you will get better and better.

Thank you for the interview Nicole-Reverse Magazine and Raphael Erhart


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