From here to there


We are back in the US and A. This time we are in Utah in Park City for the Grand Prix. On our journey to Park City we enjoyed one day in Salt Lake City. It was a really cold Sunday, maybe you don’t know (we didn’t either), all the shops and a lot of restaurants are closed in Utah on Sundays. So there was not much to do, we decided to go to the Mormon Temples and learned a lot about their religion. They showed us around in the many modern Temples they have here in Salt Lake City. As well they showed us the biggest ceremony room, which fits more then 22’000 people! I have never been in such a big room- really imposant!

After the church adventure we went to an other city part- more southern! As we entered the bar we had to smile- the bar was full of people- every were flat screens on the wall, showing the Sunday games- soccer, american football, basketball, boxing, car racing- what ever the americans love! But the craziest part of this bar adventure was that every body in this bar was drinking alcohol during lunch (lets call it burger-) time! After the church visit and being jet lagged it was crazy to see this two contrasts!

On Sunday evening we headed up to Park City. On Monday and Tuesday we had some crazy training going on- the rail set up is amazing but the two kickers are a little bit hard handling. The Qualification was yesterday and I ended up on the amazing 3rd place! The finals are tomorrow- lets hope the weather clears up and we have enough speed to clear the course safety!

Enjoy your day and best greetings from UTAH!



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