The sun rise session at 9 Queens

This was one of the best weeks so far this season. The best few freeskiers and snowboarders were shredding together the castle at the 9 Queens event in Fiss-Laids, Austria. The event couldn’t be better organized as it was- the queens got their own dirndel-costume and there own castle made out of snow! We all were living our dream in this week- I haven’t been seeing so many girls smiling  24 hours a day! I would like to say thanks to Nico and his whole crew from Nine Queens! After this week I really know why I love snowboarding so much! Let this good flow continue…

This is a shot from the early morning session we had on Wednesday! This shot took my friend Elena Könz- thank you!!



One thought on “The sun rise session at 9 Queens

  1. The sun and the ice fascinate me, really give a beautiful contrast. Ice Castle is also incredible.
    Here in Brazil, yesterday left the summer and into the fall. Thank God the temperature drops a few degrees …
    Eduardo – Brazil.

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