The Ladies Session in Laax

8 riders from eastern Europe to California! Laax and I organized a little film and photo session in Laax during the last week! It is not easy to pick only eight riders- because there are many talented riders out there. In the end Kelly Clark, Spencer O’Brien, Queralt Castalet, Kjersti Buaas, Chanelle Sladics, Klaudia Medlowa, Elena Könz, Joelle JJ Juchli and Ursina Haller made it to my home resort! The main point about our session was to bring back the cool friendship between the pipe and slopestyle riders- it was all about fun and shredding together! The weather wasn’t really on our side- and we had a lot of down days- but our down day weren’t bad and we made the best out of it! As you can see on the pics we went to go to the Spa at the Park Hotel in Flims- we were working on our muscle tan a bit and enjoyed the wonderful spa.

P1000616                  P1000648

In those two days, when the weather was good we were absolutely killing it in front of the camera lenses! In the beginning of the week Klaudia, Kjersti and Elena were shredding the kickers in the P60 park. In the middle of the week we had bad weather and we mostly enjoyed hanging together and have some ladies talk!

On Wednesday 16 lokal kids joined us for a day. The new generation of snowboarding met the oldies! The kids were really stoked to get in touch with their heroes and the snowboard pros liked to have so many motivated and talented kids around them. In the evening every one was looking back to an amazing day!


On Saturday morning we went up at 5.30 to celebrate the sun rise! The pipe was in a good shape and our pipe riders, Kelly Clark, Queralt Castalet and Ursina Haller were showing some high airs! Even Elena Könz and I tried to get back into the pipe! It came out pretty good- Elena showed us some amazing backside airs and I enjoyed to hit my frontside wall! Kelly and Queralt couldn’t stop riding and ended up jumping over each other (planed not by accident)!!

©Mariell Vikkisk
Spencer O Brien ©Mariell Vikkisk
Sina Candrian ©Philipp Ruggli
©Mariell Vikkisk
Blume ©Mariell Vikkisk

On Saturday evening we were all super hyped how the week turned out! I really hope I can organize this session again…

The little edit we were filming for will be out this fall!! Again thanks to Laax, to Anke from the Pleasure Magazine,our Photographers Philipp Ruggli, Mariell Vikkisk, Aaron Schwarz and film maker Blume Pictures and to all the riders which made this week unforgettable!

©Mariell Vikkisk
©Mariell Vikkisk
©Mariell Vikkisk
©Mariell Vikkisk
©Mariell Vikkisk
©Mariell Vikkisk

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