Sommer Life in Switzerland

What does a snowboarder with out the snow? I am really enjoying my time off snow! No sport? No not at all, I’m really active at the moment, the last few weeks i have been biking, hiking, swimming, sup boarding, beach volleyball and skateboarding, There are so many other fascinating stuff to do! At the moment I really enjoy the good summer period we have right now in Switzerland. I was hiking a lot and explored the mountains around my home in Flims. With my SUP Board I made a two days trip at the Walensee. We slept outside at the fool moon and really enjoyed the beauty of nature! As well I spend a lot of time at the Cauma lake in Flims.

Right now I am in the Swiss Snowboard Camp in Ticino. We are training hard and sweating a lot during our exercises. Some times we have to take a longer break and enjoy the swim in the lake or river. Today we made a little trip to Vale Maggia and jumped in from the cliffs….

Tomorrow I will visit the Moon and Stars festival in Locarno- Life is wonderful!!




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