Mountain Dew Tour Breckenridge


December 6th, back in Breckenridge.

Our contest season starts always in Colorado, USA. After a two months recovery I’m now happy to be back in Colorado- Breckenridge for the Mountain Dew Tour. On my way from the airport up to Breckenridge my coach and I were thinking for how many years we were all ready here. Counting many years back it’s my 11th or 12th time here in Breckenridge during pre christmas.

The organization switched the format a bit this year. It will be 4 runs on one jump and three runs in a rail section. Two tricks on the jump and one rail line count for the result.

The first training was hold today and it was a lot of fun being back here and cruising with all my friends. Hope the weather will clear up for some sunny runs on the jump…

US Open

ladies Again it was show time in Vail, every pro rider come together for the last big freestyle event in Colorado for the US Open. The US Open is the oldest snowboard event…

I had a really easy run in the qualification and made it trough to the finals! Stoked and very happy about this success. In the finals on Friday every rider put down a solid run- the rider level was again amazing!! Congrats to all shredders out there!! I was a little bit unlucky and got hurt on my second run (in total we had 3 runs in the final)- i went way to fast over the last jump and exploded in the landing. With some pain all over my body, I could lend my 3rd run but it was not enough to snake on the podium and I ended on the 6th place!

I am now all ready on my way back home- for one night- then of to Czech for the last World Cup for this season!

From here to there


We are back in the US and A. This time we are in Utah in Park City for the Grand Prix. On our journey to Park City we enjoyed one day in Salt Lake City. It was a really cold Sunday, maybe you don’t know (we didn’t either), all the shops and a lot of restaurants are closed in Utah on Sundays. So there was not much to do, we decided to go to the Mormon Temples and learned a lot about their religion. They showed us around in the many modern Temples they have here in Salt Lake City. As well they showed us the biggest ceremony room, which fits more then 22’000 people! I have never been in such a big room- really imposant!

After the church adventure we went to an other city part- more southern! As we entered the bar we had to smile- the bar was full of people- every were flat screens on the wall, showing the Sunday games- soccer, american football, basketball, boxing, car racing- what ever the americans love! But the craziest part of this bar adventure was that every body in this bar was drinking alcohol during lunch (lets call it burger-) time! After the church visit and being jet lagged it was crazy to see this two contrasts!

On Sunday evening we headed up to Park City. On Monday and Tuesday we had some crazy training going on- the rail set up is amazing but the two kickers are a little bit hard handling. The Qualification was yesterday and I ended up on the amazing 3rd place! The finals are tomorrow- lets hope the weather clears up and we have enough speed to clear the course safety!

Enjoy your day and best greetings from UTAH!


European Open Week

The European Open is for sure a special event for me! Two very different things that it makes this event so special for me: as I started to get into the freestyle scene I had no clue about how big the European Open is. All my friends decided to compete in the event and I thought why not? As a junior I started in the slopestyle contest- without knowing how good or bad I was compered to all the other riders. So I dropped in and enjoyed the ride down through the course! It was an amazing feeling and I knew I love snowboarding with my heard and I has so much fun- but i didn’t know that I was good in it! At the price giving I was freaking out as I heard “and the winner is Sina Candrian”- I thought it was a mistake! Not really understanding what was going on during this week with winning both junior events- slopestyle and pipe, competing as well in the women finals in the pipe and got 2nd behind Kelly Clark…! Suddenly my career as a snowboard professional started- without having noticed it!

Second of this specialty about this event is, that the event is happening on the same mountain on which I learned how to stand sideways! It is crazy how much this mountain and the locals means to me- how much love and support I get while the competition is running in Laax. I am so thankful to have this mountain just in front of my house! A dream for a snowboarder, we have one of the biggest resorts to powder every where, we have the biggest pipe on earth and we have the most creative slopestyle! What I want more? Thanks to the park shapers in Laax and thanks for all the people making this home so wonderful!

World Champs in Kreischberg

Elena Könz with the Gold and myself with bronze

This were eight crazy days in Kreischberg! It was a hard challenge to ride in both discipline Slopestyle and Big Air! It started really good in the slopestyle and i won the qualification, two days later i couldn’t repaid my good performance and landed on the unluckily 4th place.

In the big air I was feeling really comfortable, as i knew this jump all ready from the slopestyle course! I had a easy qualification and was super stoked to ride yesterdays final! Again, my performance were o.k but not enough, or not enough good how i wanted to do it, but in the end enough to step on the podium as 3rd! First I was a little disappointed, but now i am stoked about this wold champ bronze medal.

In the end we got home with a lot of medals, Elena Könz won the Big Air, Fabian Bösch won the Ski Slopestyle, Virgine Faivre won the Pipe, Mirjam Jäger got third in the Ski Pipe,  Fanny Smith got third in the Skicross, Yannic Lerjen got third in Ski Pipe…

Now I’m enjoying my Sunday off the slopes and can’t wait  for the European Open here in Laax!