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P1210802-copy-2-1250x820.jpgNew Year’s Resolutions with Sina Candrian

Happy 2016 to everyone – it’s going to be a good one!

And here we are guys, 2016 has arrived! New resolutions, big plans and waiting for snow to finally hit Europe.

Every New Year’s Eve, we think, “this is it, this year is going to be epic!” So work to make your dreams come true and don’t forget this wish over the upcoming months.

To begin the year, we went to see our old friend Sina Candrian to share some memories. Sina is the rider who helped give Reverse the opportunity to rise, and her freshness has always inspired us — and many others.


Sina, you have been working with Reverse since day one. What is your impression of the mag at the end of this year?
Happy Birthday, Reverse Mag! I have seen this baby grow and gain character, becoming more professional, more artsy, more self-confident (in a positive way) and for sure more fun to read! I really like the way it’s going. Reverse really captures the freestyle scene. In every article, you can see how much passion and energy the staff invests in making it a perfect and interesting one. So big ups to Nicki and Ale! They believed in their concept and made a lot out of it. There were hard times and good times, but they always fight for the best and work toward the improvement of the magazine. Thank you for doing this.

What do you think about the year 2015? Best and worst memories?
2015 was a crazy year. I mean in general and not only for myself. Personally, on the snowboarding side, I had a really cool year. I came back after my back injury pretty strong, so I could join every big event. I also got the opportunity to film a lot in Laax for the crap show and the girls’ after-party video. I taught during spring, which gave me a lot of power and motivation to start studying again. As I said, it was a really interesting year for me. On the other hand, the world struggled this last year: Nepal experienced a massive earthquake and a lot of families lost their homes. In addition, there are more refugees worldwide now (over 60 million) than there have been since the Second World War, so I hope the world shifts into a better place for all those people.

December: NO SNOW! What is your point of view? What’s the plan?
It’s really crazy, the mountains look like it’s spring. No snow and there’s nowhere to ride powder anywhere in Europe. My plan is to make the best out of this situation. I’m really lucky to call Laax home. They made a lot of snow beginning of the season, so they had enough artificial snow to build a cool park. The jump and the park are sick — so it’s a lot of fun to cruise through it!

The situation is a little bit frustrating for sure, but that’s how we treat nature. Climate change is not just a phrase, it’s a reality. We need to act now and change our lifestyles, otherwise we will run into a big problem.

Plan for this year?
There are a lot of plans, or let’s say a lot of ideas. Maybe too many to make a really realistic plan! I will study again and hope to finish school, finally.

Snowboarding-wise, I honestly hope I can find a new outerwear sponsor. At the moment it’s hard to get one! Otherwise, I just go with the flow. Of course, I will ride some competitions in the USA, China and Europe but I will also try to organize some different stuff. For example, Recognize Film and I will work on a web episode this winter.

Mainly, I’m planning to film a lot at home and try to capture the best moments, which I hope to gather into an interesting story.

Your New Year resolutions?
Work harder, live more and give back! I don’t really have any resolutions but I’ll try to be more open-minded, try to not judge anything until I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Always stay true to yourself and be nice to others! Happy 2016 to everyone — it’s going to be a good one!


Thank you to Sina and all the riders, artists and people who support Reverse! 
Remember: This year will be E-P-I-C !!!
Nicki & Ale



Lets’s talk…


Check out my interview at the REVERSE Magazine:


Sina, you where qualified for the world championship finals in slopestyle and you won the bronze medal at the big air. How do you feel?
It was a nice week and I’m happy I made it in both finals. I was a bit disappointed for not bringing a medal home in slopestyle. The qualifications, which I won, went so well that I was motivated to win the competition. Finally, I ended up in the fourth place again (referring to the Olympic Games) and that always sucks. Then, at the big air competition I stepped onto the podium and I was happy to take home at least one medal.

What was the best moment of the event for you?
The championship lasted 8 days so it’s hard to pick one single moment out of them. In general, we were such a great team, plus we had JOE ZANGER with us. He is hard to describe, he is like a natural healer and a really good soul and he supported us through the whole week. That was not a single moment but it was one of the coolest thing about the event.

Now back in Laax for BEO. Tired? Ready?
For sure not tired because the world champs where so long, there was not a lot of training and competition. We were there 8 days for just two competitions, which was not so stressful. So now I’m ready for Laax. I feel ready because I’ve already had four competitions that went well this season so I hope it will last.

How does it feel to compete in your home resort?
It’s for sure different than other events. On one hand, you are more nervous because a lot of people know you and are watching you. But on the other hand, it’s so nice because you get a lot of support as everybody is cheering for you. So it’s both negative and positive. It’s so amazing to host such a big event at home. But finally when you are up there and you are starting your run the feeling is the same as in any other competition.

How would you describe the snowboard scene for a woman?
The last few years we were just 10 top riders. For example, three years ago you knew exactly who was going to make it to the finals and who was not. Today the scene of professional snowboarders has expanded to 15-16 girls. So it becomes harder and harder to define the top six that would make it to the finals.
In general, for a woman in this sport it’s hard to find sponsors but on the other hand, it’s easier to get into the top league than it would be for a guy. What it’s great about snowboarding is that the guys support the girls and the girls love to watch the guys. We are all riders and friends.

You are an awesome photographer as much as an impressive rider. What led you to photography?
I’ve got natural inspiration. For me photography is like art and I love doing some artistic stuff. So far, I have taken my camera out with me to take shots of nature because I’m really nature-connected because of snowboarding. It just came to me and now it’s one of my main hobbies.
I bought my camera when I went on my first big trip to Bali. I wasn’t expecting to take any good shots, I was just like a tourist shooting around… Then I realized that I was really getting into it. Last season, when I got injured, I started experimenting with new techniques and new angles, which increased my knowledge of photography. I’m not a professional but I’m not just shooting around randomly anymore. (laughs)

As an experienced rider what would be the message you would give to all the young budding riders?
Go out there, pick your friends, have a nice day and push yourself. Just have fun! Do it, try it out and you will get better and better.

Thank you for the interview Nicole-Reverse Magazine and Raphael Erhart

Reverse Mag in Stubai

Last week it was the last time we were training in Stubai at the Prime Park Session. Nicole from Reverse Magazine joined us for some training days. I don’t have the cooles trick in the edit but the guys were rocking it – so worth to show you the edit!

Have fun!

The Ride for Shift Camp

Girls and Guys, have you ever visited Flims Laax Falera during the wonderful summer time? Are you interested to see the snowboarding place-to-be Laax with different eyes? I invite you, to join the camp to discover the wonderful area of Flims Laax Falera in warmer conditions. We will swim in the lakes, discover the landscape with it’s wonderful flora and fauna, race down the mountain on the bike, camp outside, yoga and many more activities!

It’s going to be five wonderful days! Join us for a wonderful camp for adults!

Here the letter from the main organization from 7 sky:

Join us for a lifetime experience! A wonderful encounter with yourself, greatly and hugely inspirational participants, locals and nature! An invitation to take one step back and experience what we really need in our lives.

The Ride for Shift Camp 21st-26th June in FLIMS / LAAX / FALERA (Switzerland) with Sina Candrian, Greenstyle, 7sky Magazine and many more greatly and hugely inspirational Shiftriders!

More info on
Registration on camp



A little Interview with Elena Könz for the Schweizer Ilustrierte Magazine

Check out our interview in the printed magazine or online! The online article:

pic by thomas creager




Sie wirbeln durch die Luft, drehen sich locker um die eigene Achse mit Vor- oder Rockwärtsaltos und verlieren selbst dann nie die Orientierung. Elena Könz, 26, und Sina Candrian, 25, wissen auch genau, wo ihr nächstes Ziel liegt:Sotschi. Die beiden Profi-Snowboarderinnen aus dem Bündnerland stehen im Februar auf dem Brett, wenn zum ersten Mal der Startschuss für die Disziplin Slopestyle an Olympischen Winterspielen fällt. Akrobatik und Kreativität sind hier gefragt – bewertet werden die spektakulären Tricks nach Schwierigkeit und Style.

«Den Final zu erreichen, wäre mein Traum», sagt Elena Könz im Gespräch mit SI online. In Vnà in der Nähe des Skiorts Scuol aufgewachsen, kam die 26-Jährige erst im Teenageralter zum Snowboarden – zuvor stand sie nur auf zwei Brettern. Eine Karriere als Skirennfahrerin strebte sie jedoch nie an: «Es hat mir nie gefallen, nur um die Fähnli zu fahren.» Ihr grosser Bruder überzeugte sie letztendlich vom Snowboarden. Doch erst seit vergangenem Jahr fährt sie bei den Profis mit. Ungewiss, wie ihre Snowboardkarriere sich entwickeln wird, hat sie erst ein Studium an der Kunstschule «F+F» absolviert.

Ganz im Gegensatz zu ihrer Konkurrentin Sina Candrian. Die Flimserin fuhr bereits als Fünfjährige die Hügel mit dem Snowboard runter. Die 25-Jährige zählt schon einige Junioren-Weltmeistertitel ihr Eigen – wie zum Beispiel 2005 in der Halfpipe oder 2007 im Big Air. Nach Sotschi denkt sie schon wieder ans Aufhören, zumindest, was die Wettkämpfe bertreffen. «Ich erhole mich noch immer von meiner letzten Verletzung, einem Bandscheibenvorfall», sagt Candrian. Erst seit Kurzem trainiert sie wieder auf ihrem Heimberg in Laax, die Teilnahme bei den Olympischen Spielen nimmt sie deshalb auch ziemlich gelassen.

Auch die Stimmung untereinander könnte nicht besser sein. «Wir gönnen uns gegenseitig den Erfolg», sagt Sina Candrian. Fast täglich treffen sie sich auf dem Berg, doch bei Wind und Wetter gehen sie lieber mal einen Kaffee trinken. Oder shoppen.

6. Februar 2014: Qualifikation Frauen Slopestyle
9. Februar 2014: Halbfinal & Final Frauen Slopestyle



Swiss Sports Award 2013

swiss sports award

After sitting more then 12 hours in a airplane I finally landed in Zurich. With a little jet lag I made it on time to the Swiss tv show called Swiss Sports Award. In the fitting room I met the most talented sport athletes from Switzerland. It was great to see them and get in touch with them! Stars like Stanisla Wawrinka, Giulia Steingruber and the swiss hockey team and many more were at this special event.

Guilia Steingruber and Dario Cologna won the awards! They had an incredible season behind- congratulations, well deserved! I don’t know on which place I was ranked in the end! But only to be there meant a lot to me!


the not officale ranking!

Thanks a lot to every one out there who was voting and cheering for me!

Again…. I was s0oo stoked to be there that I forgot to take some pictures! But I will never forget this amazing moments they will  always be  in my memories!

I wish the Swiss sports athletes all the best for the upcoming season! Hope to be a part of some incredible moments next winter!

Enjoy the show on:

Robie Williams




Fakten und Zahlen der jungen Swiss Ski Disziplinen

Für mich war dieser Artikel eine Aufmunterung, dass wir Freestyler überhaupt wieder einmal in den Medien erwähnt werden. Jedoch ist es auch traurig die Realität zu kennen. Freestyle Sportarten sind in der Schweiz leider nicht so populär wie herkömmliche Sportarten; Ski alpin, Fussball, Eishockey etc. In den Staaten und in Asien sieht dies ganz anders aus, da boomen die verrückten Freestyle-Sportarten.

Christof Gertsch hat einen interessanten Artikel über die jungen Freestyle-Sportarten des Verbandes Swiss Ski geschrieben. Cyril Müller hat einen tollen und ehrlichen Kommentar hinzugefügt, welcher auch mit Fakten belegt werden kann.

“Herr Gertsch schreibt die Freestyle Bewerbe im ersten Absatz als marginal ab, interessant gerademal für ein Publikum das “lieber durch Funparks springt”, für die Zukunft von Olympia unbedeutend – es gibt ja Eishockey und die Skiabfahrt. Von ihm offensichtlich unbeobachtet spielte der Snowboard Halfpipe Bewerb in Vancouver bei Zuschauern aus Asien und Nordamerika die mitunter höchsten Quoten der Winterspiele 2010 ein. Die Welt ist grösser als Sie denken, Herr Gertsch.”

Auf folgendem Link kann man den ganzen Artikel gratis lesen: