Mountain Dew Tour Breckenridge


December 6th, back in Breckenridge.

Our contest season starts always in Colorado, USA. After a two months recovery I’m now happy to be back in Colorado- Breckenridge for the Mountain Dew Tour. On my way from the airport up to Breckenridge my coach and I were thinking for how many years we were all ready here. Counting many years back it’s my 11th or 12th time here in Breckenridge during pre christmas.

The organization switched the format a bit this year. It will be 4 runs on one jump and three runs in a rail section. Two tricks on the jump and one rail line count for the result.

The first training was hold today and it was a lot of fun being back here and cruising with all my friends. Hope the weather will clear up for some sunny runs on the jump…

Views From the 7th


After my school exams, I needed holidays on the snow! I met these lovely ladies for the Views from the 7th session in Whistler. I had such an amazing time in Canada- thanks a lot to Spencer O’Brien for the organization!

Check out the edit:

Sommer Life in Switzerland

What does a snowboarder with out the snow? I am really enjoying my time off snow! No sport? No not at all, I’m really active at the moment, the last few weeks i have been biking, hiking, swimming, sup boarding, beach volleyball and skateboarding, There are so many other fascinating stuff to do! At the moment I really enjoy the good summer period we have right now in Switzerland. I was hiking a lot and explored the mountains around my home in Flims. With my SUP Board I made a two days trip at the Walensee. We slept outside at the fool moon and really enjoyed the beauty of nature! As well I spend a lot of time at the Cauma lake in Flims.

Right now I am in the Swiss Snowboard Camp in Ticino. We are training hard and sweating a lot during our exercises. Some times we have to take a longer break and enjoy the swim in the lake or river. Today we made a little trip to Vale Maggia and jumped in from the cliffs….

Tomorrow I will visit the Moon and Stars festival in Locarno- Life is wonderful!!




FullSizeRender IMG_1203



… and the temperatures dropped and it snowed!

the last couple of days i was enjoying some insane time here in hintertux with the giro team. we went trough some good and long party nights, built our first powder jump and enjoyed our stay at the best hotel here in hintertux the bergfried.

me and my friend- olympic gold medalist winner and party queen kaitlyn farrington


now i am testing out some poles and cameras for chilli technology- news are going to be launched soon! while i was filming today i almost crashed into my friends elias and andri ambühl. i had to take this cool selfie!

sina_andri_elias (1 von 1)

have a good night

Stubai Opening and Head Snowboards Team Week

no snow

This weekend Stubai opened their doors. Sadly they had some really warm days before the opening and the snow melted away! They couldn’t build a big park so only some jibb obstacles were up there. Way to many people for only nine rails! Fighting for railing- nothing for me!

The good news is that we are having a wonderful house here in Neukirch with the Head Snowboards Team. Some hard off snow challenges like Mario Kart is going on…

Up here is not much to do so I decided to leave on Monday to Hintertux- hopefully the weather will be sunny and warm or cold and snowing!



at least we have the hottest film producer with us!


The Ride for Shift Camp

Girls and Guys, have you ever visited Flims Laax Falera during the wonderful summer time? Are you interested to see the snowboarding place-to-be Laax with different eyes? I invite you, to join the camp to discover the wonderful area of Flims Laax Falera in warmer conditions. We will swim in the lakes, discover the landscape with it’s wonderful flora and fauna, race down the mountain on the bike, camp outside, yoga and many more activities!

It’s going to be five wonderful days! Join us for a wonderful camp for adults!

Here the letter from the main organization from 7 sky:

Join us for a lifetime experience! A wonderful encounter with yourself, greatly and hugely inspirational participants, locals and nature! An invitation to take one step back and experience what we really need in our lives.

The Ride for Shift Camp 21st-26th June in FLIMS / LAAX / FALERA (Switzerland) with Sina Candrian, Greenstyle, 7sky Magazine and many more greatly and hugely inspirational Shiftriders!

More info on
Registration on camp



NYC to Breckenridge

As every year at this time I had to pack my stuff and leave my beautiful home. My first stop in the states was NYC for three days. I was there with some friends from the Swiss Snowboard Team. We had a blast and we enjoyed the city life! We did a lot of touristic stuff and were shopping like crazy teens!  Brooklyn was for sure my favorite spot. Between the shops and coffees I tried to picture the good moments we had during this amazing city trip!

Brooklyn to Manhattan with my Leica train station with made with my leica c empire made with my leica c

After those three days in the city we left the east cost and took a plane which brought us to Colorado. At the moment we don’t have a lot of snow here so it is nice to cruise around and hit some smaller jumps. As you can see on the following picture I have a lot of fun hitting the jumps! I wish you a great Sunday!

tail grab

Training Session in Stubai


It is along time since I was updating you about my on snow training.

Last week and this week I spent my time on the glacier of Stubai. With some other snowboarders and skiers we are training  in a private course for the upcoming events. The park is perfectly shaped every day. The three kickers allows us to work on our tricks or even to learn new tricks.

After some training runs I met my team members from Head and Giro. We were shooting for the next season’s catalogue. There are really nice boards and googles coming out! The photographer Thomas Stöckli made a little post about the time he spend with the Giro Team:

At the moment the weather is crazy, it is stormy and snowing up there on the glacier.  They are expecting more than half a meter of snow. The bad weather allows me to rest a little and write you some words about the session.

Next few days are looking good and I hope I can train as good as the last few days! I will drop a little edit about the session next week! Before I head back to the Stubai glacier I will have a little chat at tomorrows’ (31.10.2013) show at Sport Aktuell on SRF.

I wish you a nice week and enjoy the nice fall time!

the park at stubai zoo

Edit is coming out next week

Queen :)