Arte Bregaglia

berge3Last week I finally finished my studies. Happy to say, that I am a teacher now. But before I will search for a job as a teacher I continue snowboarding. Looking forward to go back on snow and train for the upcoming season with many cool projects and a big event called Olympics.

But first of all I enjoy the wonderful summer with the bike or hike-climbe some mountains. I try to capture some cool events… hope you like the pics!




Special Edition with Mint Onawa Designs and Wearable Art


My friends from Mint Onawa Designs and Wearable Art created a little special edition called “Bellowing Deer”.

Check all the product informations and link to buy:

bildschirmfoto-2016-12-13-um-09-19-01“In the last couple of years I travelled around the world, was able to visit many wonderful places and got to know a big variety of cultures. As I get older, I realized how important it is to be home in Flims – the place where I grew up, where my roots, family, friends and wonderful mountains are. I love to see the imposing Tschingelhörner, the surrounding landscape, the biodiversity and the local fauna.
It’s important to protect our nature, that is why we donate 5 CHF of each sweatshirt sold to the Swiss National Park.”
Sina Candrian

I would like to thanks my lovely friends Ann Ziegler and Julia Stutz for their amazing work and Fabian Watrinet to organize every thing!

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