Sina Candrian Biography

My name is Sina Candrian. I life in Flims, born in 1988! Love to shred at my home mountain called Laax. Snowboarding is my passion since I’m five years old, in 2005 I became a professional snowboarder. Since then I compete at many different events around the global. I love to ride in the backcountry in deep powder with friends or a film-photo-crew!

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Last season I was filming a little bit with Lukas Blume Rösli for the Laax the Movie:
I got this little welcome edit from Laax:
Check out my youtube channel:
Some results from the past few years:
Season 2016/17
– 3th place at the World Cup in Seiser Alm, Slopestyle
– 2th place at the World Cup in Kreischberg, Slopestyle
– 3th place at the Air and Style in Innsbruck, Big Air
Season 2015/16
– 5th World Championship in China, Slopestyle
– 9th World Championship in China, Big Air
– 6th Burton US Open, Slopestyle
Season 2014/15
– 3th World Championship FIS in Kreischberg, Big Air
– 4th World Championship FIS in Kreischberg, Slopestyle
– 6th US Open, Slopestyle
– 4th US Grand Prix in Park City, Slopestyle
Season 2013/14
– 4th Olympic Winter Games Sochi
– Nominated for the Swiss Sports Award
Season 2012/13
-2nd World Snowboard Championship, Slopestlye
-5th X Games in Aspen, Slopestyle
– 2nd World Cup in Czech Republic
Season 2011/12
– 2nd O’Neill Evolution Davos, Slopestyle
– 2nd Burton Canadian Open, Slopestyle
– 4th Roxy Snow Pro, Slopestyle
– 4th US Open, Slopestyle
– 3th TTR Endranking, Slopestyle
– 4th TTR Overall Ranking
Saison 2010/11
– 2th Burton European Open, Slopestyle
– 4th O’Neill Evolution Davos, Slopestyle
– 5th X Games Aspen, Slopestyle
Saison 2009/10
– 1. US Open Stratton, Slopestyle
– 2th Burton European Open, Slopestyle
– 3th X Games Europe, Slopestyle
– 1. FIS World Cup Calgary, Slopestyle
– 2th TTR Overall ranking
– 2th Burton Open Series
I work a lot with those three photographer:
Last season I was filming a little bit with Lukas Blume Rösli for the Laax the Movie:
I got this little welcome edit from Laax:
Check out my youtube channel:
Two years ago I filmed with the Lipstick Film Productions:

5 thoughts on “Sina Candrian Biography

  1. Dear Sina,
    Well done!! I watched your fantastic snowboarding in the Sochi Olympics. I believe you deserved to get a medal. Your behaviour was brelliant with your competitors and I like your happiness and kindness that time , although maybe you were upset for the result. I love your style inside and outside of snowboarding. I hope you’ll obtain valuable medals next the Olympics.
    I have just a question that are you originally from Iran? Because your name and family is very familiar for me.
    Anyway, just keep going ahead and I wish you, all the best.

    Kind regards,


  2. Sina

    Congratulations on your performance in the Sochi slopestyle!
    I really enjoyed watching your runs & am so sorry you weren’t in the medals.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

    Best of luck,

  3. Dear Sina I have a question: Are you Armenian? Because your last name ends -ian, like armenian last name.And I know there are many armenians living in Suiss.First of all-Charles Aznavour, famous armenian-francais singer. OK sweetheart.Good luck.

  4. Hi Sina,

    I just wanted to say I love your blog and all the amazing photos you’ve uploaded. I’m a very casual snowboarder and I was just curious what its like to compete on the big stages you’re accustomed to? Do all the cameras and people watching you ever make you nervous? Do you still find yourself having fun with snowboarding when you have to practice to much to compete at your level? Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Rayan, thanks a lot for the message! hope you are doing well and this answer finds you 🙂 i think snowboarding is all about the fun, once you ride without passion you won’t be good anymore! it’s all about the fun! for myself it’s nice to see people watching me while riding, of course it makes you a little bit nervous but not too much, it pushes you to ride better 😉 if i have enough from the contest scenery i pack my stuff and go riding some powder lines in the backcountry! there are a lot of different kind of ridings, so it’s never boring!
      i wish you a wonderful winter and a lot of fun on the board!!!

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