hiking adventures on the pizol




after a long route to zermatt, i had to realise one more time- climate change is not just a scientifically word- it’s reality! without any turn on my board i had to leave the place, because they couldn’t open the glacier! we made the best out of it and went for a hike in zermatt. i hope the temperature will drop a little and the lifts can open again! during this time i enjoy some time back home in flims at the lake for some beach volleyball games or in the mountains with the bike!



Arte Bregaglia

berge3Last week I finally finished my studies. Happy to say, that I am a teacher now. But before I will search for a job as a teacher I continue snowboarding. Looking forward to go back on snow and train for the upcoming season with many cool projects and a big event called Olympics.

But first of all I enjoy the wonderful summer with the bike or hike-climbe some mountains. I try to capture some cool events… hope you like the pics!