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P1210802-copy-2-1250x820.jpgNew Year’s Resolutions with Sina Candrian

Happy 2016 to everyone – it’s going to be a good one!

And here we are guys, 2016 has arrived! New resolutions, big plans and waiting for snow to finally hit Europe.

Every New Year’s Eve, we think, “this is it, this year is going to be epic!” So work to make your dreams come true and don’t forget this wish over the upcoming months.

To begin the year, we went to see our old friend Sina Candrian to share some memories. Sina is the rider who helped give Reverse the opportunity to rise, and her freshness has always inspired us — and many others.


Sina, you have been working with Reverse since day one. What is your impression of the mag at the end of this year?
Happy Birthday, Reverse Mag! I have seen this baby grow and gain character, becoming more professional, more artsy, more self-confident (in a positive way) and for sure more fun to read! I really like the way it’s going. Reverse really captures the freestyle scene. In every article, you can see how much passion and energy the staff invests in making it a perfect and interesting one. So big ups to Nicki and Ale! They believed in their concept and made a lot out of it. There were hard times and good times, but they always fight for the best and work toward the improvement of the magazine. Thank you for doing this.

What do you think about the year 2015? Best and worst memories?
2015 was a crazy year. I mean in general and not only for myself. Personally, on the snowboarding side, I had a really cool year. I came back after my back injury pretty strong, so I could join every big event. I also got the opportunity to film a lot in Laax for the crap show and the girls’ after-party video. I taught during spring, which gave me a lot of power and motivation to start studying again. As I said, it was a really interesting year for me. On the other hand, the world struggled this last year: Nepal experienced a massive earthquake and a lot of families lost their homes. In addition, there are more refugees worldwide now (over 60 million) than there have been since the Second World War, so I hope the world shifts into a better place for all those people.

December: NO SNOW! What is your point of view? What’s the plan?
It’s really crazy, the mountains look like it’s spring. No snow and there’s nowhere to ride powder anywhere in Europe. My plan is to make the best out of this situation. I’m really lucky to call Laax home. They made a lot of snow beginning of the season, so they had enough artificial snow to build a cool park. The jump and the park are sick — so it’s a lot of fun to cruise through it!

The situation is a little bit frustrating for sure, but that’s how we treat nature. Climate change is not just a phrase, it’s a reality. We need to act now and change our lifestyles, otherwise we will run into a big problem.

Plan for this year?
There are a lot of plans, or let’s say a lot of ideas. Maybe too many to make a really realistic plan! I will study again and hope to finish school, finally.

Snowboarding-wise, I honestly hope I can find a new outerwear sponsor. At the moment it’s hard to get one! Otherwise, I just go with the flow. Of course, I will ride some competitions in the USA, China and Europe but I will also try to organize some different stuff. For example, Recognize Film and I will work on a web episode this winter.

Mainly, I’m planning to film a lot at home and try to capture the best moments, which I hope to gather into an interesting story.

Your New Year resolutions?
Work harder, live more and give back! I don’t really have any resolutions but I’ll try to be more open-minded, try to not judge anything until I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Always stay true to yourself and be nice to others! Happy 2016 to everyone — it’s going to be a good one!


Thank you to Sina and all the riders, artists and people who support Reverse! 
Remember: This year will be E-P-I-C !!!
Nicki & Ale



early morning photo session on the mountain


Laax is one of the most innovative ski resorts on the world. We do not have a lot of snow here at the moment. But the mountain crew gives their best to prepare the slopes and parks as good as it goes. It’s a pleasure to snowboard in Laax at the moment. There were a lot of rumors we do not have snow and you can’t ski- thats not true! At the moment it’s hard to find any powder but the slopes are in a very good condition!!

As well Laax opens the mountain an hour early (till 4th of January)! I went up on the first gondola at 7.30 for several times and enjoyed seeing the sun rising from the top of the mountains- unforgettable view! If you have the chance- go for a early morning ride!

And my wish for 2016? Let it snow!!

A house for a family in Nepal


Hi guys, how amazing is our life? We are able to study, work, shop, eat and have money for vacations! Not every person on this planet is as privileged as we are- there are thousands of families in Nepal which lost their house this spring due to a massive earthquake.
Check out my link and help me raise 2000.- swiss franks to give a family in Nepal a new house!

All the charity details:
Thanks for supporting and spreading, have a good day!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-24 um 08.07.31.png

Liebe Freunde, Liebe Familie,

Ich bin im Moment fast wunschlos glücklich. Kein Geschenk könnte mir mehr Freude machen, als eine etwas bessere Welt. Dieses Projekt von Helvetas überzeugt mich und deshalb fände ich es schön, wenn wir zu Weihnachten zusammen ermöglichen, dass XX Menschen Nepal ein neues und sicheres zu Hause erhalten und so ein besseres Leben haben. Über Eure Mithilfe würde ich mich sehr freuen.

Ich bin überzeugt, dass Helvetas die richtige Organisation ist, diese Hilfe zu leisten, denn Helvetas hat in Nepal 60 Jahre Erfahrung in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und ein grosses Netzwerk.

Vielen Dank für euere Hilfe.

Alles Liebe und schöne Festtage